The Speciality Liquor Store Is The Best Place You Should Shop At!

What could the specialty liquor store offer you over and above the regular standard store that you often shop at? The basic answer is that the best specialty liquor stores go beyond just having a reasonable stock of beers, wines and spirits, but take their services and offers a stage further and offer packages and suggestions that allow you to combine your choice of drinks with other attractive offers. A reputable specialty liquor store understands that you may need expert guidance and advice to help you with your purchases and make sure that what you buy is exactly what you are looking for.

Gift baskets are a great idea

Gift baskets can take the hassle out of finding just the right present for anyone who is special in your life. Well-designed gift baskets are available at prices that can suit all pockets and they should be imaginative in what they contain. You could choose a fine bottle of wine together with:

  • A pair of attractive wine glasses

  • A popular book

  • Cheese or cooked meats

All wrapped attractively and finished with a personal message to the recipient. Even attention to the basket that the gift pack comes in should be very carefully considered so that it too speaks of quality and thoughtfulness. The best specialty liquor stores offer you the choice of either buying your gift pack on-line or in store depending upon what works best for you. At the same time you should remember that these best stores allow you to create custom gift baskets that contain exactly the products you have decided to choose.

Why not book a private wine cellar tasting?

Are you scratching your head and wondering what to offer somebody who seems to have everything, or even has a greater knowledge of wine or liquor than you? Well, the answer could be a private wine cellar tasting. It is a great idea and an original one that offers great possibilities be you an expert or have less knowledge about wine or liquor.

Most of the best liquor specialty stores offer private tastings for small groups, normally up to 8 persons per booking and you can consult with them about which wine subject you will concentrate on. Some of the most popular ideas are:

  • Get to know bubbles and champagne

  • Hidden French wine discoveries

  • Italian wine from the Bel Paese

  • Dessert wines: Which are the best?

  • The world of Irish Whiskey

  • German beers: The best kept secrets revealed

As you can see from some of the great ideas above this is not just about a bottle of wine or a selection of great beer but a whole experience. Inviting friends and family or even using the well planned tasting as a special event will be something that all the participants will remember for a long time as a great event that you organized and they will really appreciate your choice.

The meal planner

How do wines and food combine well together? Well, there are some broad pieces of good advice, for example it is well known that red wine with a good body and a stronger taste goes very well with red meat or meat in rich sauces. Chicken based dishes can work well with lighter red wines and even white wines for those who are looking to keep an eye on their calorie intake. Some people find white wines to be too acidic and would not drink them even with fish dishes, but some white wines are very easy on the stomach and will not cause any unpleasant acidic reaction.

The best liquor specialty stores offer great advice about which wines work well with what dishes, using a form of matrix they give you good advice on a range of wines that you could consider as the best choice. Furthermore as wines are now available from around the world you can match the dish you are preparing with the food from the country it comes from, for example a fine Hungarian wine for a goulash dish or a perfect Italian red wine to go with your home made lasagna. Combining the dish and the wine, be it even a cheese platter, shows great attention to detail and an appreciation of your subject.

Special occasions for gifting

Champagne and roses can make a special gift for a birthday, an anniversary or even a special Valentine’s Day present and go so well together. Specialty liquor stores are ready to help you prepare the perfect gift combining an attractive bouquet of with your choice of wine and even a small box of luxury chocolates. With a special message card carrying your personal thoughts, the gift pack can be the most perfect surprise for your special one.

If you want to find out more on what specialty liquor stores can offer you, talk to us today and learn more!

How Do You Choose A Wine To Suit A Specific Occasion?

A party or any special occasion will not be complete without adults taking a sip on their wine glasses. If you are hosting a party in the near future, it would help to know which wines would be most suited for that event of yours. Here is a list that will familiarise you with the perfect wine to go for that specific occasion.

Your choice of wine can depend on the season

If you are choosing a wine for a specific occasion then you might as well consider what season of the year it will be celebrated. For instance, you will be holding an event during the winter. Your choices in this regard would include full-bodied wines like Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines would even standout better if you pair them with heartier meals. When you will be hosting an event during summer, on the other hand, white and rose wines are the perfect choices you have. They have that distinct aroma and flavour that can stimulate your appetite during this hot weather.

Your choice can also depend on the time of the day with which the occasion will be held

Consider the fact that many people would not drink too much during daytime. Inasmuch as you want to serve them wine during that time of the day, then you can go for light wines that are light on the head too. In case you will be hosting the party during night time, you can always choose from the different red wine varieties.

Always consider your guest’s taste when making a choice

You have to accept the fact that your guests will not always go with what others would want when it comes to their wine preferences. This is because of the different tastes each of us has. You can be more akin to drinking vintage and chateau wines whilst your guests would want the other wine varieties. You can always ask them about their ‘special orders’ in case they have any.

Choosing to take the safe route?

If you do not have the luxury of time to ask your guests about their individual wine choices though, then you can always play it safe making sure that everyone will love the wine that goes with the food you are serving. Sometimes, it would be good for them to experiment on taste too but you have to give it to them for attending your occasion. When this is the case, you can simply serve them New World wines like those that come from Chie, Napa Valley or Barossa Valley. These wines will surely satisfy majority of the guests attending that special occasion of yours.

Consider your budget

Wine varieties can range from cheap to expensive. If you are quite tight on your budget then you might as well look into the price variations. Make sure though that the wine’s taste is not sacrificed at all. Entry-level chateau wines are available and you will be amazed that you can get them with a good value. Sangre de Toro of Torres and Astoria are but some great, cheap finds.

Your choice would also depend on which part of the meal it will be served

White wines are best served during the earlier part of the meal or before serving your main course. Chardonnay, a type of white wine, appeals so much to wine connoisseurs and is considered very delightful when served with rich-tasting meals or those that come with creamy sauces on them. Another type of white wine called the Sauvignon Blanc can be well-mixed with appetisers like shrimps and salad.

For those of you looking forward to serve red wines during the occasion, it would be best to bring them out towards the end of the event. You can sip a glass of red wine after finishing a hearty meal. Merlot is a great choice since most people love its taste. Its lightness mixes well with its body thus it can be well-suited for pork, poultry and lamb dishes.

It can also depend on the food menu you will serve

If you are serving meals with creamy sauces, the right red wine to complement it is the Pinot Noir.

For those of you who are looking for a fiery partner to your spicy foods, Shiraz is a well-liked wine. This can bring out the flavours in roasts, barbeques and spicy dishes. Chianti, on the other hand, will pair well with poultry and tomato dishes.

You can be so overwhelmed with the many choices you have when it comes to serving wine during that special occasion. However, once you get familiar with how you can make the final decision, everything else will be very easy. All you need to do is contact us. We are a popular wine store in Edmonton with different types of wines on our list. Feel free to browse through our pages to learn more about our products.

Are You Going To Host A Beer Tasting Party?

Have you always wanted to host a beer tasting party for your friends and family? Do you want that event to be as memorable as possible? Make it a standout party by creating your own brew and by finding the perfect food that will match the beverage later on. You can easily do that by keeping the following tips in mind. You will never go wrong once you know all your options!

Brew your own beer

Brewing your own beer will certainly be a delightful idea. Consider this taking up bulk of the entire task but of course, you would love it for the fact that it is where the excitement begins. You may have your own recipe on hand or enjoin your guests to have their take on that part of the fun. If you intend to make the event unforgettable then by all means show-off your skills when it comes to home brewing. Make your beer tasty to the delight of your guests.

Use a home keg refrigerator if you have one

A keg refrigerator is the perfect partner to a delightfully-tasting brew. It helps preserve the taste of your beer and keeps it in a desired temperature. The kergerator, as others would refer to it, is capable of helping the brew attain its optimum levels when it comes to taste as well as carbonation. If you do not have a kergerator at home, you can even convert your refrigerator into one.

Try other options you have when it comes to dispensing the beer

If kergerators are not available at the moment, you can always find special accessories that will help dispense the beverage without compromising the taste that came out from your own recipe. Make sure that you choose the right accessory or system in this regard since this is as important as the beverage you have brewed.

Look for the perfect food that will suit the brew you have made

It is not enough to focus on the beer just because this one is named a beer-tasting party. Ideally, if you want the entire thing to work then you should also focus your thoughts on looking for the perfect food that will go well with the beverage. Making some perfect pairings will be very helpful in this regard. Tapas and nachos are but just some of the things you can consider. Serve them in small plates to make them more appealing to your guests.

The technique for pairing food with your beverage would actually involve the type of brew that you created. For instance, you have concocted a light lager or a pilsner. When this is the case, you should also choose an equally light food that would rather complement the brew rather than work in contrast with it. For such brewed beverages then you can opt to serve summer or spring rolls as well as sushi. A creamy brie for cheese-lovers would also be appealing to guests. Serve some fresh peaches or berries as well.

If you have brewed an India Pale Ale or IPA, you can choose to pair it with slightly-spiced food like curry, spicy black bean nachos or even kimchi fried rice. Spicy camembert would also be a delightful choice considering that the IPA brings out a somewhat spicy, soothing feel to the palate.

Meanwhile, for porter or any other dark brew, strongly-flavoured foods would be a good match. Such pairing will make the porter stand out even more as your beverage. Stilton cheeses are recommended too. For your fruits, you can choose either grapes or figs to complement the blend. You might want to spruce it up some more by simply adding chocolate desserts to your food list.

It is time to invite your friends over

Altogether, you should now indulge with what you have prepared. Start a conversation and enjoy the beer-tasting party that you are hosting. You may ask them to try the endeavour themselves and ask their opinion about what you have actually served to them. Give some room for improvement especially if it is your first time to host such a party.

Choose the right accessories to match your party’s theme

Well, if you want your beer tasting party to impress your guests even more then you might as well invest in accessories that will go well with your party’s theme. There are different options you have when it comes to this regard. Different products from flasks to glassware will work to your advantage in this regard.

Get the perfect brewing experience with your homemade beverage or with a keg beer. Simply contact us for help for the accessories you will need for that party. Browse our pages and see if there is anything we can help with to make that occasion even more memorable for you and your guests.

Matching Food and Drink

Selecting drinks that complement the dishes being served at a dinner party can seem a bit pretentious. However, it is important to understand that most people will naturally choose a drink the complements a dish anyway, so all you are doing is steering them in the right direction! Matching meals and drinks is also much simpler that you could have imagined, mainly because rather than hard and fast rules, there is just some general guidelines to work with.

Below, the basics of matching a few of the major kinds of drinks that people enjoy at dinner parties is discussed in detail. This will hopefully help you decide on the best drinks to offer to your guests, so that they can have a great dinner experience.


Although a lot of people favour wine in a formal dinner setting, beer definitely comes a close second. Beer is particularly good when served with rich foods. The carbonation in beer helps to cleanse the diner’s palate. This feature means that drinking beer during such a meal really helps you to experience the full flavours of the food.

Just like wine, beer comes in a variety of styles and flavours, so it is important that you consider them when selecting what beers you will offer. With the wide variety of craft beers now on offer, it is pretty easy to match a beer flavour with the food that is being served. Some fancy restaurants even serve a different beer with each course of a meal, but we wouldn’t suggest going to that extreme for a home cooked meal!


Wine is the natural choice of drink to go with a special meal and many people expect wine to be served at a dinner party. While the art of matching wine to food is actually quite complex, there are general rules that you can follow successfully. First of all, white wine is your go to drink for white meat, fish or light pasta dishes. For red meats or any other dish with strong flavours, you should match with a red wine.

The finer points of matching wine with food comes in when you take into account the weight, acidity and intensity of the wine and the dish. Ideally, you should try and match the flavour and aroma of the dish with a wine that compliments it. Without being an expert on wine, it can be hard to choose the right type, so you should always ask for more information at a specialty liquor store.


Spirits and cocktails are not normally associated with the meal itself and tend to be served as an aperitif at the end. If you really enjoy spirits though, you don’t necessarily need to wait until the end to enjoy them! Just like wine and beer, as long as you select carefully, you can find a spirit to match almost any meal. The general rule, just like with any drink, is to ensure that the spirit selected does not overpower the meal itself and complements the flavours of the dish.

For more information about selecting the best drinks for your next dinner party, contact your local wine store of specialty drinks today.

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Craft Beer

Craft beer is made by a small, independent and traditional brewery and not from a mega-company. A brewery is regarded as small if it produces less than 2 million barrels of beer a year. The focus of craft beer is on quality instead of quantity. Craft beer is made from small establishments that are independent and they do not place profits as their top priority and the business is of non-commercial nature. The establishment focuses on maximizing the quality and taste of its beer in terms of taste and specialty. If that sounds good to you then you should read on about the 4 great reasons on why you should start drinking craft beer today!

It is stronger and more flavorful

Craft beer tastes great as the craft brewers use a variety of ingredients in the beer. There is little to no artificial flavors in craft beer compared to a strong presence of artificial flavors in commercially produced beers. Craft beer tastes better, richer and less watery as there is a higher alcohol content ratio compared to commercial beers. Craft beers can reach up to 40% of alcohol volume while commercially produced beers usually hits the 5% mark. Craft beer thus packs a stronger punch compared to commercial beer that may taste diluted to some.

It is good for your health!

Craft beer is actually healthy. Craft beer contains fiber, vitamin B, some antioxidants, calcium and a high amount of silicon. Silicon is able to decreases the chances of osteoporosis while calcium is good for strengthening bones and teeth. Moderate consumption of beer also leads to a decreased chance of diabetes and heart failure. Craft beer also decreases the risks of weight gain among women if consumed in moderation, as opposed to women who do not drink.

There are a variety of choices

Craft beers come in a huge variety of flavors as there are many different ingredients that are used to produce craft beer. For instance, craft beer flavors include nutmeg, pumpkin, cocoa, caramel and even cinnamon. Each craft beer brewery creates their own unique version of craft beer and therefore contributes to the wide range of available craft beer flavors that you see today. On the other hand, commercialized beers are often limited to a few flavors. There is a constant creation of new flavors and some craft beers are only available seasonally due to the limited availability of certain ingredients.

It is worth every penny or cent

Craft beer may not be cheaper than commercialized beer when compared to the price per liter. Craft beer is cheaper in a sense that it contains more alcohol! For instance, an individual would like to drink until he becomes drunk. It may take him just two bottles of craft beer to get intoxicated while it may take up to five bottles of commercialized beer for one to get close to drunk. Thanks to the fact that there is a higher alcohol content in craft beer compared to the alcohol content in commercialized beer, the drinker will in turn consume fewer bottles and thus pays lesser!

Have a gulp of delicious craft beer right away! Head down to Keg N Cork for that much needed drink and quench that thirst!

What’s The Deal With Craft Beer?

Small independent establishments have an appeal that’s all their own. The ‘non-commercial’ nature of business, where extreme care is taken with each product that’s manufactured, has an exclusivity that’s sought-after. Craft beer is one such product that’s made a mark.

What exactly is craft beer?

Craft beer is beer made by small independent brewers. It’s ‘traditional’ too as the ingredients are tried and tested. However, not all craft beer is good just like how not all commercial breweries produce bad beer. What you should look for is reputation above all else. Has the brewery made a name for itself in the craft beer segment? Does it produce a large volume of malt beer and does the use of adjuncts enhance the flavor of the beer or lighten it? Compare and contrast various breweries.

What’s so great about it?

It tastes better, for one There’s a distinct taste to craft beer that’s absent from commercial beer. The idea is to deliver as close a taste to what the ingredients would produce without the use of artificial flavors. It’s not as bitter, it’s richer, and less watery. You can immediately tell the difference by tasting the two even with the various flavors created by different brewers.

It’s stronger

Yes, craft beer can pack a punch which means you don’t have to gulp down too much to feel mellow. Commercial beer is watered down, extremely so, which is why you need to consume a lot to get the same effects you would from a couple of craft beers. It’s also more money saved so you can treat your friends without going broke.

There are more choices!

Every craft beer brewer adds his own mix of ingredients to produce unique tastes. If you love a good pint of beer, you’ll love the choices available with craft beer. You may come across beer that’s flavored with nutmeg and cinnamon, caramel and cocoa, and even pumpkin. There are flavors to literally titillate every palate so the thought of going back to commercial beer will seem ridiculous!

It’s healthy!

Believe it or not, craft beer can be healthy if consumed in moderation. It contains a high amount of silicon and calcium, essential for building strong teeth, bones and hair. Beer with high quantities of barley and hops should be favored as their calcium and silicon content will be high.

According to several studies, moderate consumption of beer can lead to decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, decreased risk of osteoporosis, decreased risk of heart failure, and a decreased risk of diabetes. It also increases the absorption of dietary fiber. With so many benefits, there’s no reason not to opt for beer as long as it’s in moderation.

An experience you’ll want to repeat!

The delicious flavor coupled with the many choices and lower cost per drinking session will make you want to stick with craft beer. There’s just no downside. At a time where the price of having a good time can be high, getting great returns for your money is just something you want to repeat over and over again, particularly on special occasions!

Contact a purveyor of craft beer today for an unforgettable experience. We guarantee you’ll never want to go back to what you thought was beer!

Give a traditional twist to your modern party by serving craft beer made by independent brewers. For craft beer in Edmonton area, you can visit us at Keg n Cork

Stocking Up on Good Liquor for Your Next Party

For most people, liquor is a mandatory requirement for a party, and some even take their drinking very seriously when it comes to gathering with friends for a good night. However, it’s not fun to keep drinking cheap beer all the time and feeling the exact same taste in your mouth every night. It’s good to try out something different from time to time, even things you never would’ve thought would interest you.

There are certainly lots of interesting options in the world of beer, and if you have a dedicated liquor store in your area, you might get a chance to try out some of those more unusual beers. Keep in mind that most of the exquisite breweries tend to operate mostly locally, so if you don’t have any renowned names in your local area, you might be a bit out of luck when it comes to finding good beer. Still, some imports should also do fine – and a good liquor store will be sure to have plenty of those as well.

Beer isn’t everything you can drink, and you can certainly explore some interesting options in the other types of alcohol as well. A good liquor store will, obviously, also carry actual liquor, and there are so many interesting options that you can try here that it’s pointless to even begin listing them. Just make sure you’re on the same page with your guests with regards to tastes and expectations, and everyone should be able to have a good time and try out some new interesting things.

Above all, remember that good liquor doesn’t have to be expensive, contrary to what you might think. Sure, you can easily drop a hundred dollars or more on a single bottle sometimes, but you don’t have to do that if you’re on a budget. You can explore plenty of unique, interesting tastes without paying a lot of money as long as you’re shopping from a quality liquor store.

And finding a store that can serve you well and allow you to truly explore the world of interesting liquor is easier than you might think! Just get online and find out what the situation is like in your local area. Sometimes you might even be able to order deliveries from the store’s website and use other similar great features!

If you’re ever confused or can't decide what to drink for a specific night, you should just turn to the people working at the store. Most liquor store employees tend to be very familiar with their products, and they can share more knowledge on good alcohol with you than the average convenience store employee can. So make sure you make use of that by asking them for recommendations when you are having trouble deciding, and you may soon find yourself with a new favorite drink! It may even be something you never thought you would like in the first place, which is part of the beauty of working with professional liquor stores for your regular shopping.

Don't you feel a little embarrassed when your friends drop by and you don't have any liquor to serve? Its best to have a liquor store's number on your speed-dial to get your favorite wine delivered right to your door. Browse this website to find a liquor store in Edmonton.

Think Twice Before You Drink: 5 Beers with the Weirdest Ingredients

After a long and tiring day, it is always nice to have a pint or two of beer. Even when one is out with friends, beer is a favorite among most people. The most common ingredients used by breweries are water, malt, hops, and yeast. Yeast is the major ingredient, which is why no two beers are the same. However, you will not believe the way people have been experimenting with beer and coming up with ingredients that you normally would have never guessed. Here is a list of few ingredients used in different beers and see if you would like to try it.

Coffee Bean Plucked From Elephant Dung

Yep, you read it correctly. It is manufactured by a Japanese brewery called SanktGallen Brewery and the beer is called Un, Kono Kuro. The coffee used in this dark stout is procured by feeding the elephant raw coffee beans and then allowed to ‘process’ inside the elephant. When the elephant defecates, the coffee beans are plucked out from the dung. This beer is definitely not for the faint hearted!


To think of garlic as an ingredient might not exactly please neither your stomach nor your sense of smell, but it is true. The Garlic Farm teamed up with the Yates brewery to produce this unique beer. Yes, when you open the bottle you will get that overwhelming smell of garlic. However, the taste of the garlic is short-lived and the finish is more on the grassy side. This beer is for those who absolutely love their garlic.

Blue-Green Algae

If you think things are getting weirder and weirder in this list, you are not wrong. The next beer “Spirulina Wit” has spirulina as an ingredient, which is basically blue-green algae, and is manufactured by a well-known Texan brewery company called Freetail Brewing Co. The tone of the beer is supposedly crisp and light with a touch of fruitiness. This beer is also highly popular with health conscious people as blue-green algae are a good source of protein.

Beard Hair

The thought of drinking beer with beard hair as an ingredient might feel a little icky. However, there is a man in Oregon who is actually growing his beard and using it as yeast. The man in question is an award winning brewmaster and his name is John “More Hops” Maier. The idea of using his beard hair was something that started as a joke and it turned out that they found yeast that is perfect for fermenting beer. Again, not for a weak stomach!

Bull’s Testicles

Whoever thought of using bull’s testicles as an ingredient for beer must have been a real genius or perhaps a little crazy. Whatever it is, Denver based brewery called the Wynkoop Brewing Company is actually manufacturing beer with bull’s testicles as an ingredient. However, the beer is brewed especially for the Great American Beer Festival. Not so ironically, one of the most famous local dishes is made out of bull’s testicles and it is called ‘Rocky Mountain Oyster’, similar to the name of the beer ‘Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout’.

Although you might think twice before drinking these beers, it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy your favorite beer from the nearest liquor.

It is always fun and refreshing to have a pint of beer with family or friends after a hard day’s work. Click here to know more about a specialty liquor store in Edmonton.

How Beer is Made

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, and it is also the third most widely consumed drink in the world after water and tea! No sporting event, festival or BBQ is complete without a nice, ice cold beer. This article takes a look at the process that is involved in making beer.


Beer has four main ingredients: barley, hops, water and yeast. The basic way that these ingredients work is that the sugars are extracted from the grains of barley, and then the yeast helps to convert it into Co2 and alcohol to create the beer. Those are just the basic ingredients required to brew the beer. Many breweries choose to use additional ingredients in order to give it more flavour. These ingredients can include things like fruits and berries, honey and herbs. There are also some more unusual flavours available to purchase, such as chocolate flavoured beer!


The first step is the malting process. The grains are harvested, heated and dried, and then cracked in order to isolate the enzymes required to brew the beer. Barley is the most common type of grain used to make the beer, although wheat and rye can also be used.


The grains go through a mashing process which involves them being steeped in warm water in order to release sugars and activate the enzymes. The liquid is then drained from the mash. The liquid is now extremely sweet and sticky, and it is known as wort.


The next step in the process is to add hops and other spices to the wort and then boil it for approximately an hour. Hops are the small fruit of a vine plant. They are used because they help to balance out the sugar and provide additional flavouring to the brew. Another benefit of using hops is that they will act as a natural preservative.


Now it is time for the fermentation process. The wort and hops mixture is left to cool before it is strained and filtered to remove any particles from the liquid. Yeast is added to the mixture and it is poured into vessel in order for it to ferment properly. It is in these vessels that the fermentation process occurs. The yeast is what consumes the sugar in the mixture, and as a result it produces alcohol and Co2 as the waste products. The amount of time that it is fermented for will depend on the type of drink that is being made. For example, many ales are stored for a couple of weeks at room temperature, while many lagers are stored for a month or longer at colder temperatures.


The brewing and fermenting process is now complete, however the beer will not yet be carbonated. There are two ways to properly carbonate beer, by artificial carbonation, or the beer can be bottled and then it will naturally carbonate over time. Some brewers also like to age the beer in the bottles as it can help to give it more flavor. Some people say that keg beer in Edmonton are to die for, and I certainly agree with it. Take a look here to check out great deals!

Buying Best Quality Alcohol from Liquor Stores

Liquor has been with mankind since a very long time. You pick up any novel or historical book from any era; you will somehow come across a description of people consuming alcohol. Sometimes alcohols are known to be used for medicinal purposes and most of the times it is consumed for sheer pleasure. Whatever the reason of consumption might be, liquor must always be bought and had of a very good quality. How to merge this condition with cost effectiveness? There is a simple solution. Purchase alcohol from the liquor stores.

Suppose you have to throw some party to your friends and/or relatives. Taking them to a great restaurant and ordering drinks at the bar would prove very heavy on your pocket. A better and equally qualified solution is to have a nice get together at your place and make your purchases from specialty liquor store. Also if you are thinking of hiring caterers for meals and drinks to be served on a function organized by you, a cheaper and better way is to hire caterers only for food and buy the drinks- beer, scotch and wines from a liquor store. The advantage of buying drinks from liquor stores is not just restricted to saving cost. If you are purchasing from a liquor store, you will be able to pick everything of your own choice and brand. You will be able to make cocktails from the best quality alcohol that you purchases from liquor store. So, you improve quality of drink as well as save money.

A very nice gesture of thanking someone or wishing someone on their special occasion is by getting them a nice present. Wines make really nice gifts on occasions like anniversary, birthday, retirement etc. You can easily find a nice wine store with a plethora of choices. Just make a pick and get it wrapped and you will make someone really happy. There are also creative beers like craft beer that you can take to your friend’s house and have a nice weekend party. Growlers and keg beer are also very popular amongst beer consumers. Beer is by far one of the most popular drinks round the world. Even if your budget is a bit low on presenting wine to someone, you can easily get them their beer as you have a number of options with keg beer, craft beer and growlers. Single malt scotch is another very popular choice among liquor consumers. Again, you don’t have to go to an expensive pub for buying it. Just visit any specialty liquor store and make the best buy.

As a customer, it is your duty to make a little research and buy alcohol only from a reputed liquor store which is known to sell quality products and does not engage itself in claiming something and selling something else. Just go through their website and reviews especially before you place a big order for some personal party or office event.

A Beer Connoisseurs Beginner Guide

Beer has a long and illustrious history stretching back many thousands of years. Over this time, a wide range of varieties and styles of beer have emerged. Despite this, most beer drinkers remain largely ignorant of the subtle differences between beer varieties- they just know what they like.

By gaining an understanding of the beer you drink it is possible to have a much more enjoyable experience. It may also inspire you to try some new and exciting brews which you may have previously left on the shelf.

Below is a brief summary of the two major categories of beer and a few of the varieties that fall under them.


Ale is the historical method for brewing beer. The method used is known as ‘top fermentation’, which means that during the fermentation process the yeast gathers at the top of the barrel. This method calls for high temperatures, which causes the yeast to act very quickly. Because of this ales can be brewed in a short amount of time.

A number of very popular beer styles that fall under the Ale category are:

Pale Ale: The term 'bitter' and 'pale ale' are largely interchangeable. A predominance of pale malts gives these beers a lighter colour. They are characterised by the crisp flavour of hops.

Stout: You may not be familiar with the name of this style, but you will almost certainly know of two famous examples- Guinness and Murphy’s. These beers are thick and have rich flavours, due to the use of roasted barley.

Porter: These beers are similar to a stout, except in the use of unroasted barley. This process also produces a dark colour but can also impart a bitterness not found in stout beer.


Lager has a much shorter history than Ale. These beers are fermented at low temperatures, as opposed to the high temperatures used for Ales. This also makes Lager beer a 'bottom fermenting' beer, as the cooler temperature sends the yeast to the bottom of the barrel. The word 'Lager' is German for storage. The beer is given this name because before modern refrigeration it was stored and brewed in caves. Lager beers are the most popular and commonly brewed beers worldwide.

Lagers can also lay claim to being the world’s most alcoholic beers.

A number of very popular beer styles that fall under the Lager category are:

Pale Lager:The most famous beers from this variety originate from the Pilsner region of the modern day Czech Republic and often you will see beers labelled as a Pilsner rather than pale ale. These beers are characterised by a pale, golden colour and a smooth, clean taste.

Amber Lager: As the name suggests this variety of lager has a much darker colour than a pale lager. This can generally be attributed to more malt being used in brewing. The flavour of these beers can vary wildly from brewery to brewery.

The above summaries are by no means exhaustive and there are a number of books related to beer brewing, which cover a diverse range of beer production techniques. At the very least it hope that now you have the inspiration to go and learn some more for yourself. Good luck and happy drinking!

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Health benefits of drinking red wine

There is a wide variety of alcohol available all over the globe. Alcohol comes in different forms and brands. Some drink beer, some prefer whisky and scotch, while some like to experiment with different types of wine, vodkas, rum, and gin. People also mix them in different proportions to form a cocktail and derive a different kind of pleasure from that. Some of you might drink for fun, while others might consume alcohol to relieve themselves from stress and tension; you may have your own reasons to have alcohol. Celebrating an event or special day has always been a good reason to drink alcohol and then there is no limit. However, there might be people who do not consume alcohol at all. There is nothing wrong with it, but, according to certain scientific findings and studies, it is proved that drinking red wine has health benefits. Hence, you can start thinking about drinking red wine and making use of its wonderful advantages.

Having a glass of red wine before going to bed can help you have sound sleep. Red wines contain melatonin, which aids in maintaining your body clock. This is the reason why you get a good sleep. Melatonin is also an anti-oxidant and therefore, has features that prevent you from cancer and aging faster. Intake of red wine in moderate volumes also increases your lifespan because it contains a compound called resveratrol. Resveratrol protects you from diseases like Alzheimer's disease and dementia that directly have adverse effects on the brain. Red wine is comprised of several anti-oxidants that decrease the risk of heart, as well as cardio vascular, diseases in human beings. This means a lower rate of people dying from heart diseases.

According to certain research, consumption of red wine also lowers the risk of lung, prostate, and breast cancer. However, you should take care of the amount of red wine you are drinking to stay safe from these ailments. To keep safe from lung cancer, one glass of red wine each day is a safer bargain. For men, to protect themselves from prostate cancer, you all should drink four to five glasses of red wine every week. Women should always consume a moderate amount of red wine. It keeps you safe from developing breast cancer. Too much wine or any other alcoholic drink might be dangerous. Hence, women should keep their consumption at a moderate level.

Minor, as well as major, colds can also be treated by drinking red wine. It helps you recover from a cold faster and maintains a normal body temperature that is ideal for your body. When a person is suffering from a particular disease or physical abnormality, inflammation or infection can be a common result during a few ailments. Drinking red wine aids in reducing that inflammation because the resveratrol present in the wine possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Red wine also contains another compound, which is known as saponins. It is responsible for lowering the cholesterol level in your body. High levels of cholesterol present in the body can cause blockages in the arteries and blood veins, thereby causing death. Consumption of red wine reduces that risk.

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