Why You Should Choose A Craft Beer For Your Alcoholic Experience

With all pricing wars going higher and higher for alcoholic drinks, people tend to be cautious about what they buy. But do you know that some types of alcohol are good for you as it turns out they are beneficial to a certain extent? Well, I am talking about craft beer!

What is a craft beer?

There is no perfect description of what a craft beer is but the best one yet describes it as beer that is produced by from an independent and traditional setting. Producers of craft beer therefore are not big time brewery companies but small companies.

Advantages of craft beer

Alcohol is not as bad as it is portrayed; craft beer has several advantages, beneficial to the consumer so other than achieving satisfaction from a refreshing drink you get to gain some health benefits. So what are these advantages?

  • When you drink too much it’s not good for you and when you don’t drink at all, that is not healthy either. We are recommended to put our intake of alcohol to a moderate level. Beer is most convenient for drinking moderately. With low alcohol content and a high volume level, it proves to be a much better drink than wine or spirits. Beer is also believed to cheer the spirit, give you a softer temper and gives you better health.

  • One person in a group is always trying to lose weight, reducing your calorie level and cutting down on some particular types of food is an exercise we all partake. When choosing what to eat and what not to, do not cut beer from your list of drinks. Here’s why; beer has a low count in calories, no fat and definitely no cholesterol, so it fits into your diet plans perfectly. Beer is natural and does not have any preservatives or additives. On top of lacking in cholesterol, beer improves the cholesterol in your body, double advantage!

  • Water is presumed to be the most nutritious drink; it contains natural nutrients but, in cases where you cannot take water you can compromise with beer. Some areas have contaminated water, some instances there is need to restrict usage of water, like during disease breakouts. Unfiltered beer or slightly filtered beer has nutrients of its own. For example it contains fiber, which is quite beneficial to the body.

  • Diseases take up our bodies and consume our health, with the nutrients in craft beer it helps when dealing with certain diseases. For cancer, it contains an enzyme that inhibits cancerous cells, slowing down its growth and spreading. It also plays a major role in preventing heart attacks and any other heart diseases.

  • For sweetness sake, craft beer tastes a whole lot better than most wines produced by the big companies. Production of the drink takes more time since there are no great devices to help in producing it. Brewers of craft beer focus highly on the quality of beer rather than marketing strategies with the belief that good this market themselves. When consuming this type of beer having as much alcohol content as they are supposed to, you thus get the satisfaction you were looking for.

  • The worst part of downing one or two means that you and the bathroom become clear acquaintances, with craft beer you do not have to go to the bathroom too much, the fact that it is sheer quality and not watered down makes it a worthy type of beer to consume.

  • Craft beer is also kind to your pockets, it does not cost as much as beer from big companies. The producers of craft beer calculate the costs of production, transportation and distribution, add on a little advantage and then come up with a price. It is fair priced and targets people from the middle dimension.

An evolution in our drinking choices

Craft beer is taking up the dining room over wine; a while back it was assumed that wine was the best as it assists in digestion. Craft beer blends perfectly with good food and is thus bringing an evolution into the dining situation. The best thing about craft beer is that there is always a brand that will best suit your situation and the occasion you are celebrating.

What to do about it

For your perfect night out or that house party you are planning to host, it is great that craft beer becomes one of the available options. It is pocket friendly, so you can get more for less; it also promises you full alcoholic effect unlike the watery types of beers. The beer promises you quality as the satisfaction of the consumer is the first priority for the brewers. There is plenty of options when it comes to craft beer in Edmonton. It will have you sorted for your party adventures so choose craft beer, sit down and enjoy your refreshing drink!