Why Craft Beer Is The Best Choice Out There

Want to have a good night out with the best drinks? Look no further because craft beer is the top choice for you to drink the night away! For those beer novices out there, craft beer is made in craft breweries, which are small, independent and traditional. It is hard to define true craft beer as everyone has a special interpretation of the taste of the beer. Each brand and type of craft beer is unique in its own way. Here are the top 7 reasons why craft beer is the number one type of beer.

The taste of craft beer

This is definitely classified as the top reason why craft beer is the number one drinking choice. Compared to what large beer companies mass produce that would label as “beer water”, craft beer has a much fuller taste. This is the result of craft brewers putting in time and effort into the quality of the beer rather than putting their focus solely on marketing campaigns, as well as stock prices. However, large beer companies take out important ingredients from their beer in order to reduce costs, leaving behind watered down beer as a result.

The more alcohol, the better

Despite the range of sizes craft beer is available in, the amount of alcohol in them is sure to be satisfying enough. Craft beers usually have about 5-10% abv (alcohol by volume), but there are certain craft beers that have up to 20% and 30%, even all the way up to 40% abv!

Cutting down on bathroom trips

With craft beer, it is not necessary to take a whole load of bathroom trips while downing down pint after pint of it. On a typical night out, most people would be content with either a Budweiser Select 55 or maybe a Miller Genuine Draft 64. With these beers having only a 2.5% abv, which makes it extremely watered down.

However, craft beers have much more flavour and come with 5-8% abv. 4-6 of those watery beers is equivalent to one or two craft beers. That means that you can safely drink craft beer without worrying too much about the bathroom.

Did we say… health benefits?

According to research, craft beer has more health benefits compared to red wine. Craft beer contains the richest source of silicon, which helps in fighting osteoporosis. It also contains soluble fibre along with Vitamin B and an array of antioxidants. It’s safe to say that the number of nutrients in craft beer outweigh the amount in wine.

Abundant of flavours, abundant of choices

There are more choices of craft beers than bud, millers and coors, all put together! With more than 209 craft breweries in Canada, an astounding amount of different flavours of craft beers are being brewed at this moment. Flavours range from crisp to floral to even coffee-like tastes. No craft brewery is exactly the same and they are all made with their own special ingredients.

Lesser calories

Even though craft beer does have more calories than the usual watered down beer, it is possible to consumer fewer calories in every drinking session. Let’s take a look at a scenario:

Most drinkers out there are more likely to drink those watered down beers that contain about 100 to 110 calories in every 12-ounce serving. If one were to have six of these beers, which would mean that one would be consuming 650 calories during that session.

However, when it comes to craft beer, one with 7% abv would normally have about 200 calories or even lesser than that. With only about 2 or maybe 3 craft beers in one drinking session, it would be easy to consume less than 600 calories.

Good food and craft beer – the perfect match!

A very popular trend nowadays is pairing craft beers with delectable cuisines. It is even argued that it has usurped wine as a choice of alcohol at the dinner table. Lighter beers complement food items that are equally light such as green salad and even sushi and sashimi. The refreshing and smooth flavour of the beer allows the food to have an even fresher taste. Such beers include lager and wheat beers.

Malty beers have a more caramel type of flavour to it. It pairs well with food items that have been caramelized such as roasted meat, lasagne and pizza. The richness of the beer also goes fairly well with stews. Malty beers come in the form of amber ale and most English ales. Roasty beers that include brown ale have a roasted and almost chocolaty kind of flavour. These beers go well with smoked, grilled or barbecued meat.

So now you can see why craft beer is practically the king of beers. Dying to try one out? Keg n Cork Liquor Company offers the best craft beer in Edmonton. To book a beer keg, simply give us a call and you can guarantee that any party can lighten up with craft beer.