The Speciality Liquor Store Is The Best Place You Should Shop At!

What could the specialty liquor store offer you over and above the regular standard store that you often shop at? The basic answer is that the best specialty liquor stores go beyond just having a reasonable stock of beers, wines and spirits, but take their services and offers a stage further and offer packages and suggestions that allow you to combine your choice of drinks with other attractive offers. A reputable specialty liquor store understands that you may need expert guidance and advice to help you with your purchases and make sure that what you buy is exactly what you are looking for.

Gift baskets are a great idea

Gift baskets can take the hassle out of finding just the right present for anyone who is special in your life. Well-designed gift baskets are available at prices that can suit all pockets and they should be imaginative in what they contain. You could choose a fine bottle of wine together with:

  • A pair of attractive wine glasses

  • A popular book

  • Cheese or cooked meats

All wrapped attractively and finished with a personal message to the recipient. Even attention to the basket that the gift pack comes in should be very carefully considered so that it too speaks of quality and thoughtfulness. The best specialty liquor stores offer you the choice of either buying your gift pack on-line or in store depending upon what works best for you. At the same time you should remember that these best stores allow you to create custom gift baskets that contain exactly the products you have decided to choose.

Why not book a private wine cellar tasting?

Are you scratching your head and wondering what to offer somebody who seems to have everything, or even has a greater knowledge of wine or liquor than you? Well, the answer could be a private wine cellar tasting. It is a great idea and an original one that offers great possibilities be you an expert or have less knowledge about wine or liquor.

Most of the best liquor specialty stores offer private tastings for small groups, normally up to 8 persons per booking and you can consult with them about which wine subject you will concentrate on. Some of the most popular ideas are:

  • Get to know bubbles and champagne

  • Hidden French wine discoveries

  • Italian wine from the Bel Paese

  • Dessert wines: Which are the best?

  • The world of Irish Whiskey

  • German beers: The best kept secrets revealed

As you can see from some of the great ideas above this is not just about a bottle of wine or a selection of great beer but a whole experience. Inviting friends and family or even using the well planned tasting as a special event will be something that all the participants will remember for a long time as a great event that you organized and they will really appreciate your choice.

The meal planner

How do wines and food combine well together? Well, there are some broad pieces of good advice, for example it is well known that red wine with a good body and a stronger taste goes very well with red meat or meat in rich sauces. Chicken based dishes can work well with lighter red wines and even white wines for those who are looking to keep an eye on their calorie intake. Some people find white wines to be too acidic and would not drink them even with fish dishes, but some white wines are very easy on the stomach and will not cause any unpleasant acidic reaction.

The best liquor specialty stores offer great advice about which wines work well with what dishes, using a form of matrix they give you good advice on a range of wines that you could consider as the best choice. Furthermore as wines are now available from around the world you can match the dish you are preparing with the food from the country it comes from, for example a fine Hungarian wine for a goulash dish or a perfect Italian red wine to go with your home made lasagna. Combining the dish and the wine, be it even a cheese platter, shows great attention to detail and an appreciation of your subject.

Special occasions for gifting

Champagne and roses can make a special gift for a birthday, an anniversary or even a special Valentine’s Day present and go so well together. Specialty liquor stores are ready to help you prepare the perfect gift combining an attractive bouquet of with your choice of wine and even a small box of luxury chocolates. With a special message card carrying your personal thoughts, the gift pack can be the most perfect surprise for your special one.

If you want to find out more on what specialty liquor stores can offer you, talk to us today and learn more!