The Return Of The Cocktail Revolution

Now, it is clear that the cocktail is back and the revolution is well established across the whole of North America. This revolution owes much of its success to the cocktail’s re-adoption by bars and restaurants across Canada with the re-launch of the all American Cocktail.

Recently, many commentators in the drinks sector are looking at the next challenge which is how to transplant the cocktail from the bar stool to the living room couch, by doing this the cocktail will have returned to its roots. To do this all of the components that make up great tasting and even unusual cocktails require the services of the specialty liquor store to offer a great range of cocktail ingredients.

Bringing the great concept of cocktails back home

The selling of the at home cocktail concept requires smart marketing and good publicity. The cocktail is being promoted as the frontier point or psychological passage from the close of the working day to the evening and the chance to kick back and relax. Now you can enjoy the concept of the cocktail hour at home turn away from your work obligations, close the door and reclaim your time as totally your own.

Cocktail preparation requires some skill and dedication but if you are prepared to learn the tricks and techniques the results can be excellent cocktails that you and friends and family can enjoy. For this cocktail revolution to turn into a key part of your daily life you have to treat it as more than just a passing craze and dedicate yourself to learning the skill of great cocktail preparation. Proponents of cocktails go so far as to state that it is your cultural duty to make cocktails at home as it is a key element in the North American way of life.

Finding a local liquor store

So if you have bought into the cocktail revolution you will need to step out to find the best liquor store in your neighborhood that can provide you with the supplies that you need. Specialist shops are growing in number, some of them may not look very interesting from the outside, but once you step in you may feel that you have discovered an Aladdin’s Cave of cocktail treasures inside. Some of these stores also have large and interesting wine and beer selections available too. This is well appreciated by customers as they can find everything that they are looking for in one place.

Look out for the liquor stores that have a wide range of liquors available, one recommended technique is to check whether the liquor store has a web site where you can find information about what they stock. Some of the best stores carry a range of liquors that you may never have heard of as well as a wide range of tequilas even as many as 150 different ones.

Also, they may stock rare Canadian maple rye whisky which has a particularly distinctive taste and is a great base for cocktails that you can copy or invent yourself. Don’t forget to check out some weird looking liqueurs that come in colors that could never have been created by nature and allow you to amaze your friends and family with cocktails in colors they may never have seen before.

Shops that focus on liquors

Some of the specialty liquor stores don’t carry a huge stock of different drinks but rather specialize in really cool liquors. The staff will normally be well informed about what they stock and be prepared to assist you and explain what liquors should interest you. As many of these liquors may be unfamiliar the staff will guide you through their liquors from affordable rye whiskeys such as Rittenhouse Rye to rare and old cognacs and Scotch whisky that they have in stock. Another neat service that the best stores offer is a free delivery service if you live in the neighborhood where the store is located.

Gin one of the core liquors for great cocktails

Most of you who know your cocktails will agree that gin is one of the most commonly used and popular base liquors for great cocktails. Dig a little deeper and you will find a whole range of gins that are available with different tastes than the big brand labels that are available across most parts of the world.

Go to your local specialty liquor store and check out what they can offer in this department. Look out for little known brands such as Old Tom gins and see if you can get your hands on a Genever or other cocktail friendly base liquors including Cynar and two firm favorites from Italy Fernet Branca and Averna Amaro. Now make sure you stock up with Carpano antica and a good selection of rums, tequilas and mysterious mezcals to complete your cocktail cabinet collection and now you are ready to mix your cocktails!