Should You Own A Growler?

If you love beer, even half as much I do, then you’ll know what a growler is. And if you don’t, well, no judgment. A growler is basically an airtight jug that allows you to transport your beer without risking its quality. It is like carrying around an unopened bottle of beer, except that it is usually way larger than the ordinary bottle. This means that you can get to carry as much beer as you want, and keep it fresh while in transit too. The growler could be made of glass, ceramic or even stainless steel and they are usually really pretty and curious. Here are four reasons why every self-proclaimed beer lover must own at least one growler.

Do you practice home brewing?

Most beer lovers will tell you that they have tried some home brewing at one point or another. And if you are in this category, you may want to share that beer with some of your friends. You could even be generous enough to indulge your family in your new talent. With a growler, you will find it really easy to share your beer. Rather than putting in all the work required for bottling, using growlers is an easier and more cost effective way of sharing your home brew. Also, your friends and family will thank you for the pretty growlers once they are done sampling your creations.

Hosting a party can be crazy

If you’ve ever hosted a party, you will know that getting your guests to wait while you tap a new keg is often very tricky. They can get really restless too. With your growlers, you should be able to empty the kegs before they run out and serve the beer in the growlers while you tap new kegs. This will give your guests a steady access to beer, thus allowing them to focus on getting high and being happy. After all, it is a party.

Get some fresh refill from your favorite brewer

If you love beer, you probably love having a fresh supply at home all the time. This means that you will be making a lot of trips to your local brewer in the course of the week. Buying a keg seems convenient, but the keg may not keep your beer fresh for long. This is why you need a growler, so that you can buy smaller portions on a regular basis. This will guarantee you some fresh brew every time. The growler may last a couple of days, meaning that you don’t get to waste or spoil the taste of your precious beer by buying too much.

Maintaining the freshness while transporting your beer

You know that exposed beer is rather unpleasant, meaning that you need to store and transport it in an airtight container. Well, growlers are as airtight as can be. They thus offer you the privilege of maintaining freshness while transporting your beer. Regardless of how far you will be transporting the beer, you can be sure that it will remain as crispy and fresh as you want it. This is particularly useful if you have a keg at home and you are going to hang out at a friend’s place. Here, you will be able to take a growler or two and have an awesome time with fresh beer.

If you love beer, you better start looking at growlers in Edmonton as the precious assets that they are. Next time you are at the liquor store, check some out and find one that you like. It will make your drinking activities much more fun and classy too.