How To Taste Single Malt Whisky

The art of tasting Single Malt whisky is not science at all. It is quite simpler than you can think. Sometimes, people have read so many reviews and other notes stating that it has a flavor more like dark chocolate or sherbet. This makes them think whether it is the same whisky they have just tasted?

If you are fond of whisky, then you must learn the art of picking up these kinds of different, expressive and expressive characteristics. This is not difficult at all. All you need to do is to start tasting different things that are not related to Single Malt Scotch and then take a ‘taste snapshot’ of the features of that flavor. Once you make it your habit, you will be able gain precision in whisky tasting.

You must also realize that whisky is different from other spirits. Its taste develops after some time. Therefore, always remember not to drink it quickly. Furthermore, taste is something personal and varies at an individual level. Certainly, there can be no right or wrong answers.

Using the right type of glass

Choosing the right glassware is really important as it will really help your cause. It is better if you go for the one that has a narrow opening so that it can concentrate and channel the aromas of Single Malt Scotch towards your nostrils. These glasses are called snifter but you can also opt for wine or brandy glasses to achieve your aim. There are some types of glassware that can trap the aroma well. It is recommended not to go for the tumblers and those with a wide rim because the aroma will simply dissipate quickly. The broad rim glasses are used for drinking whisky and not for the tasting purpose.

Use your sense of smell

This is the feeling and aroma that you pick up from the Single Malt well before tasting it. You can actually figure out some of the important characteristics of the whisky you have chosen and will surely get an idea what would the taste be like. To begin, simply pour a considerable amount of whisky into the glass and swirl it for some time. This will expedite the oxidation process and the liquid will begin to evaporate. This stage is really important because the whisky has been trapped in a bottle or a cask for a long time and needs some time to express itself and reveal its true features.

Once you have swirled your whisky, you must give sufficient time to spirit to settle down. Otherwise, your first sensation will not be of full alcohol. You can notice the color of the whisky as you wait for it to get settled. For better results, you can hold the glass against a white background. Now you can bring your nose close to the glass and breathe in.

Let the aromas circulate around the nostrils for a while. Do this several times and think of all the aromas it has reminded you of. Think in terms of freshness, lightness, richness or see of it was floral, fruity, smoky or spicy etc. It is pretty common to see people claiming that their first sniff was just full of alcohol and therefore could not pick up much. Generally, you will be able to make your opinion about Single Malt Scotch in third or fourth sniff because by then your nostrils would be accustomed to the high strength of spirit.

The palate can be really useful

The flavor of your whisky on the palate can be a real treat for you. It is very important that you do not drink your whisky too fast. Remember, that there is a difference between a shot of cheap Tequila and Single Malt Scotch. You must savor it in your mouth and try to get the maximum flavor of it. Since different parts of your tongue and of course mouth respond to different flavors, you must ensure that your whisky reaches all areas of your mouth so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

You must be prepared for an alcoholic burn when tasting your whisky. This is one of the main things that put people off drinking whisky. You can keep taking sips and try to identify all the possible flavors it reminds you of. You will have to take a few sips before you can identify its true characteristics as with each sip you will discover something new.

You must remember that there are no standard answers when describing the taste of whisky. This is because everyone’s taste buds are different and respond in a different manner. Hence you must not worry if you get a flavor that others are unable to figure out.

Adding ice

Many people ask the question of whether to add ice when tasting whisky or not. The experts recommend trying whisky in its natural state first. Adding ice certainly changes the flavor of whisky!