How To Choose The Right Glassware To Complement Wine

When you arrange a family dinner in Edmonton or call all your friends over the weekend to spend some time together, it is important that you make everything look perfect. Starting from the menu to the décor to the cutlery and glassware, everything should complement each other. This is the only way to let others appreciate your efforts and of course, aesthetic sense.

If you have a plan to serve wine in dinner, you must choose the one that goes well with your menu. There are different types of wines that are served with different dishes. Apart from choosing the type of wine wisely, you must pay special attention to glassware as well in which you will be serving wine.

It is believed that the shape and the size of the wine glass plays a pivotal role in enhancing the appearance of wine as well as has a direct impact on its aroma, tannins, bouquet and of course on its finish. It also works to conserve the temperature and bubbles of wines and above all, it sends the wine to different parts of tongue.

A typical wine glass is composed of three parts, namely the foot, the stem and the bowl. The size of the bowl reflects how much liquid can be swirled and also the amount of air exposure the wine will face. Special attention is given to the shape of the rim because it tends to direct the wine to specific parts of the tongue. This is not it. The size of the opening of the wine glass either expands or concentrates the rising of the wines bouquet or aroma. Here is a look at some of the popular wine glass available in the market:

Bordeaux glass

This wine glass can easily be recognized from its tall and broad bowl shape. It is designed for full bodied red wines so that it can be directed to the back of the mouth. It has a narrow opening that tends to concentrate the bouquet or aroma but its shape allows swirling. These types of glasses are preferred for full bodied red wines that include Syrah, merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Red wine glasses

Red wine glasses have wider, larger and rounder bowls that any other glassware. This design increases wine exposure and of course increases the rate of oxidation at the same as well. Since the wine gets exposed to air once poured into the glass, the chemical interaction tends to alter the wine’s flavor and bouquet or aroma. When compared with other wines, red wines usually have more complex flavors that are later smoothed out as they are exposed to air.

Burgundy glass

When compared with the Bordeaux glass, the burgundy glass is relatively rounder. Since it has a bigger bowl, it also allows maximum air exposure. It has a closed rim due to which the wine is directed to the tip of the tongue. If you are planning to serve Pinot Noir in your dinner, then this glassware is the ideal choice.

White wine glasses

White wine glasses come in different shapes and sizes. Generally most of them have large openings which give the full flavored white wines, like oaked chardonnay, to oxidize with air. If you are planning to serve white wine that is relatively lighter and fresher, you must go for the ones that have a small opening because less oxidation is required. Since the glass with a small mouth has a small surface area, it slows down the rate of oxidation.

This is the best way to preserve the flavor of your white wine. You can also go for the glasses that have small bowls and long stem because they are considered to be ideal for conserving the temperature of chilled wine. Having a small surface area of the glass means that there will be less air circulation in the glass that may warm the wine. Furthermore, the long stem ensures that there is less contact between the glass and the hand, thereby preventing body heat from warming the wine.

Champagne glasses

Champagne glasses can be recognized from their narrow bowl and long stem. They are designed in such a way to preserve the temperature and the bubbles of the chilled wine. They also create a feeling of ‘celebration time’ and therefore are highly popular.

What’s trending today?

Tumblers, that are basically wine glasses with no stem or foot, are a funky choice for the present times. They simply negate all the benefits of glass stems. You can further enhance the wine experience by choosing crystal glasses. If you have a limited budget, you can opt for something that is plain and clear.

Many people start looking for the best wine stores in Edmonton when they are planning a dinner party. What they forget is that choosing the right glassware is equally important!