Are You Going To Host A Beer Tasting Party?

Have you always wanted to host a beer tasting party for your friends and family? Do you want that event to be as memorable as possible? Make it a standout party by creating your own brew and by finding the perfect food that will match the beverage later on. You can easily do that by keeping the following tips in mind. You will never go wrong once you know all your options!

Brew your own beer

Brewing your own beer will certainly be a delightful idea. Consider this taking up bulk of the entire task but of course, you would love it for the fact that it is where the excitement begins. You may have your own recipe on hand or enjoin your guests to have their take on that part of the fun. If you intend to make the event unforgettable then by all means show-off your skills when it comes to home brewing. Make your beer tasty to the delight of your guests.

Use a home keg refrigerator if you have one

A keg refrigerator is the perfect partner to a delightfully-tasting brew. It helps preserve the taste of your beer and keeps it in a desired temperature. The kergerator, as others would refer to it, is capable of helping the brew attain its optimum levels when it comes to taste as well as carbonation. If you do not have a kergerator at home, you can even convert your refrigerator into one.

Try other options you have when it comes to dispensing the beer

If kergerators are not available at the moment, you can always find special accessories that will help dispense the beverage without compromising the taste that came out from your own recipe. Make sure that you choose the right accessory or system in this regard since this is as important as the beverage you have brewed.

Look for the perfect food that will suit the brew you have made

It is not enough to focus on the beer just because this one is named a beer-tasting party. Ideally, if you want the entire thing to work then you should also focus your thoughts on looking for the perfect food that will go well with the beverage. Making some perfect pairings will be very helpful in this regard. Tapas and nachos are but just some of the things you can consider. Serve them in small plates to make them more appealing to your guests.

The technique for pairing food with your beverage would actually involve the type of brew that you created. For instance, you have concocted a light lager or a pilsner. When this is the case, you should also choose an equally light food that would rather complement the brew rather than work in contrast with it. For such brewed beverages then you can opt to serve summer or spring rolls as well as sushi. A creamy brie for cheese-lovers would also be appealing to guests. Serve some fresh peaches or berries as well.

If you have brewed an India Pale Ale or IPA, you can choose to pair it with slightly-spiced food like curry, spicy black bean nachos or even kimchi fried rice. Spicy camembert would also be a delightful choice considering that the IPA brings out a somewhat spicy, soothing feel to the palate.

Meanwhile, for porter or any other dark brew, strongly-flavoured foods would be a good match. Such pairing will make the porter stand out even more as your beverage. Stilton cheeses are recommended too. For your fruits, you can choose either grapes or figs to complement the blend. You might want to spruce it up some more by simply adding chocolate desserts to your food list.

It is time to invite your friends over

Altogether, you should now indulge with what you have prepared. Start a conversation and enjoy the beer-tasting party that you are hosting. You may ask them to try the endeavour themselves and ask their opinion about what you have actually served to them. Give some room for improvement especially if it is your first time to host such a party.

Choose the right accessories to match your party’s theme

Well, if you want your beer tasting party to impress your guests even more then you might as well invest in accessories that will go well with your party’s theme. There are different options you have when it comes to this regard. Different products from flasks to glassware will work to your advantage in this regard.

Get the perfect brewing experience with your homemade beverage or with a keg beer. Simply contact us for help for the accessories you will need for that party. Browse our pages and see if there is anything we can help with to make that occasion even more memorable for you and your guests.