A Whole New Level of Understanding Scotch

Most people would question you if you happened to tell them that they should take a scotch. Why? Of course it is so much better than wine or beer, but once you take it, it sends a wave of heat through your body, that thing is strong! But past the feel to your mouth, the first and second times, you get to appreciate what it is really about. Scotch whisky is basically the most refined and classy drink in the world. It is produced with instructions being followed to the letter from the materials for production, to the mixing and to how it is stored and for how long. So let us evaluate scotch whisky a little bit more, and understand what is really in our glasses.

Where it is produced

From its name only, you can derive where it is from, Scotland is a country best known for distilling the best of whisky. In Scotland, the very best production is done with very clear instruction on its production. The material allowed to be distilled is only barley. The malt is then distilled for a period of at least three years.

How to choose a scotch

Considering how definite scotch is manufactured you can easily tell that it is meant to be distinct from other drinks. For people who understand scotch they prefer to keep it simple, you do not combine it with other drinks; you only tone down its taste using ice cubes and then enjoy scotch as scotch not a cocktail. For you to choose scotch whisky like a pro, there are several things you need to know:

  • You first and foremost need to know how to tell apart blends and single malt. Blended whisky is just that, blended, it contains different types of whisky produced by different distillers. The single malt whisky contains only of water and distilled barley.

  • When an advertisement of a brandy comes up, most often you will get advice to pick single malt to blends. Although single malts are known for their great taste, there are many awesome blends out there. So make it your business to know your alcohol before you pick which to engage in.

  • Old is gold that is a phrase we have all heard once or twice in a lifetime. This directly applies to scotch, the more years it is distilled the better in tasting it will be. When picking out a type of whisky, the oldest would do the best, be careful to also pick one that does not have additives in it. The natural the better.

  • With the knowledge that Scotland is basically the best producer of whisky, how about when picking out your whisky, you select those that come from Scotland? Those offer the best quality. You can never go wrong when you pick Scotland scotch whisky.

How to take this Scottish luxury

The most important thing about something is the container that holds it, it’s no wonder we see advertisement companies working extra hard to give out such perfect packaging, it’s difficult not to notice it. When it comes to scotch or whatever drink, the glass you use to drink it will determine a lot. It won’t taste the same if you took it in a wine glass. Taking scotch in a wine glass sounds wrong just like taking wine in a tea cup. So you get what I mean, you have picked out your scotch and it’s time to indulge, pick out your best scotch glass for maximum satisfaction.

A little at a time, pour a bit of scotch into the glass, nose it, take in all the glamour. With that you get to understand and interact with your drink, yes it sounds cheeky but it’s true, you get to know; its fruitiness, woodiness, distilling scotch entails putting it in barrels where it is left for years on end, the sweetness it contains. After you take you do this, your first sip will taste so much better if you do this before taking it.

Scotch geniuses will recommend that you down the drink in tiny bits so that you can get enough time to taste all its goodness. Ensure that you let the taste linger into your taste glands.

As mentioned earlier, scotch has a high level of alcoholic content in it, it is therefore recommended that you add a little amount of water to down the alcohol content to a reasonable level. When you take whisky that has an average amount of alcohol you are more likely to take and enjoy more

Choose and enjoy!

As humans, we all want to let loose from time to time, especially after a hectic day of work, it is then important that when choosing your alcohol, you pick the best. With the wide range of brands available, you get to choose your own sweet poison. The number of available single malt scotch in Edmonton will simply knock you off your feet, so look around until you find what your mouth desires.