7 Ways To Backpack Like A Rockstar With Your Booze In Tow

Backpacking can be quite a lot of fun, but more so if you get to carry some booze. Most people, however, feel that carrying some extra bags would weigh them down and make the trip more tiresome. Well, this will be true if you are carrying a whole keg with you into the wild. There are a lot of ways to carry booze without needing a cavalry to help with the load. Here are a few:

The wine bag

This is for the wine enthusiasts who enjoy something light and sweet during a hike. You do not have to carry five bottles of wine in your backpack in order to have a good time. Consider buying the boxed wine instead. It usually contains a wine bag inside. Carrying this wine bag means you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a whole box.

Ever heard of a mini bar?

If you love your cocktails, the mini bar kit is your best bet. With the many tiny bottles, you’ll get to carry all of your favorite components for a great cocktail in the outdoors. Use the bottles to carry all your spices and mixers, and pack them all up in a small bag. This bag will be your bar cabinet for that hike. Here, you get to enjoy your favorite cocktail on the go.

Powdered beer

Most powdered beers are not exactly beer, just beer flavors. If you fancy them, however, be sure to bring a few packs to your hike. The powdered beer will allow you to have some booze without having to bear the weight. You’ll get to create the drink once you reach your destination or while on a break from the stream. Either way, you get to have a drink that you may actually love.

The lightweight beer pouch

Yes, these exist too. If you thought wineries were the ones that cared about your convenience, well, breweries do too. A beer pouch is simply one of those light sacs that contain a significant amount of booze for your entertainment. They are hard to come by, but they exist. Ask your brewer about it some time.

A beer growler, preferably insulated

Beer growlers are becoming more popular by the day and if you have an insulated one, you are in a good position already. Insulation here means that you get to keep the beer safe from light, and well chilled until you get to camp. If your growler is not insulated, you could always find one of those soft coolers to carry it in.

A mini keg

What can I say? The brewers have thought of everything. There are mini kegs out there and all you have to do is find one. These are lighter and thus more efficient for a hike. They may contain less beer than the usual kegs so if you are taking a large group, you’ll need to carry more mini kegs that you usually consume in your house parties. Try and find a keg that’s made of aluminum for a lighter feel.

The good old aluminum beer cans

So, a six pack can still work well for that hike. What’s more, you can get to chill the beer by putting the cans inside the stream while you set up camp. Aluminum cans are specifically recommended because these are lighter than most of the other alternatives. And you are looking to limit the weight of your load here.

Spending time in the outdoors is good for your health. What’s more, you can get to carry all the booze that you need. If you’re a beer fan, you probably also know that your best bet would be the crawler beer in Edmonton. Now you know how to carry some with you on the go!