6 Ideas For The Perfect Gift When Intending To Impress A Beer Geek

Gift giving is an art that takes some mustering, and this is why not many people actually like the gifts that they receive. You could spend the whole year planning on what gift to offer someone for their birthday or anniversary or just as an appreciation for what they mean to you, but unless you really know what you are doing you will not impress them much. Well, this is why you need to read this. If you are looking to impress a beer geek, there are six possible gift ideas that will knock their bottles down. But to ace this, you will have to think like a beer geek first.

Simplicity here means a beer

Well, an assortment of beers to be precise. The thing about most beer geeks is that they do not have to declare an affiliation to only one beer. It is likely that they like a good number of brands and flavors. Take your time and understand what their preferences for beer are. This will ensure that you get to pick out a pack of their top six or twelve most favorite beers. This will surely earn you a place in their heart.

A classic bottle opener

If you think I mean one of those generic bottle openers that you can find at the mall, you are obviously wrong. It is a gift, and it must be really unique. Well, have you ever seen a 50 caliber bullet? Yes? Ok, it is rather large and its cartridge would work perfectly as a bottle opener. Now if your beer geek does not love you for this, they are clearly biased. You could also buy them one of those sunglasses that double as a beer opener. That seems pretty cool too.

The famous or infamous growler

There is an unwritten rule that every beer geek should have a growler. Fortunately, most beer geeks do not even know what a growler is. A growler is basically a container for your beer, and it is relatively larger than the usual beer bottle. This means you can use it to get a refill from your local bar if you do not intend to buy the whole keg. These can also be customized, and you could pick one made of glass, stainless steel or even ceramic depending on your preference and budget.

A bottlekeeper could work too

If the gift is meant for someone who does a considerable amount of moving around, they will need a portable container for their bottle. A bottlekeeper is like a tiny cooler that would fit most beer bottles. Usually they are made of stainless steel and can be customized at an extra cost. Other than being pretty, the bottlekeeper will make sure that the beer stays cold on a hot summer day spent in the outdoors.

How about a beer club membership

Beer of the month clubs allows you to receive exotic beers from all over the world. This means that your friend will be receiving beer in their mail every month and thanking you for it. They also get to drink beer from other parts of the world, making them even more of beer experts in the end.

Go all out with a beer cave

If you are feeling a little bit more generous, consider a beer cave. This is almost like a fridge except that it is way cooler and specifically made to hold all sorts of beers and kegs. It is like a tiny room where they can keep all of their favorite brews. This may be expensive, but for the look in their eyes when they receive it, it should be worth it.

Beer geeks are very special people, and in order to impress them, you may have to become one. So, pop into that specialty beer store and have some fun while shopping for the ideal present. As for me, my ideal gift choice for my beer-loving buddy is always his favorite keg beer in Edmonton!