5 Practical Alternatives That Will Help You Transport Your Beer Safely

Today, growlers are slowly gaining popularity for beer lovers all over the world and it is no longer uncommon scene if you walk into your favorite brewer’s with a couple in hand. The tricky part, however, is in getting these growlers in Edmonton back home or to their destination without dropping them or exposing them to light.

Beer generally doesn’t respond well to exposure to light. And while the growler is effective in keeping the air out, it may not be that effective when it comes to protecting your beer from light. This is especially true if the growler is made of glass. Also, dropping your growler would mean losing your beer, and you do not want that at all, do you? So here are some possible safety measures that could protect your beer while you transport it.

The growler tote

This is probably a reserve for the beer fanatics. Growler totes are simply bags that are specifically designed to carry the growlers. These bags have to be thick enough to keep the light away from the beer, and soft enough to cushion the growler in case of an impact. Growler totes are commonly supplied by brewers as a promotional gift for buying growlers or being a frequent customer. You could also find one in your favorite liquor store. But if you don’t, do not despair. There are still other ways to keep your beer safe on your way from that refill.

Strong grocery paper bag

For those of us with glass growlers, it is always important that you find something to cover the growler when it is filled with beer. So when you are leaving the specialty beer store, you might need to put your growler in a strong grocery bag. This is because you are going to be exposed to light and your beer will not respond kindly to this kind of exposure. Remember that the strong paper bag should be able to keep out all of the light. This solution is especially effective if you are transporting your beer during the day. So whether you will be walking, driving, riding or cycling, get a grocery bag and cover up your growler.

Perhaps a towel or shawl

Another considerably safe alternative is to wrap the growler is a towel or a shawl. The idea is to keep the light out while also providing some forms of cushioning for the growler. This is usually convenient if you carry your gym bag with you in the car. However, this will not work if you are carrying that growler in your gym bag with many other things that could scratch or even crack the growler.

The seat belt

Wearing a seat belt is an obvious safety measure when you are driving, right? Well, I sure hope so. Anyway, the same concept will apply to your growler. If you are driving and there are no passengers to hold your growler, consider securing your growler with a seat belt on your passenger seat so that it will not move from side to side, or worse topple over. This will keep your beer safe until you get to your destination.

Custom soft cooler

Some even geekiest beer geeks will understand this choice. The custom cooler has to be soft in order to cushion the growler and prevent it from breaking. This is because you cannot guarantee to keep it still while you move. So if your growler is made of glass, the conventional coolers may not work, especially if you have to drive through some rough terrains or traveling over a long distance. Custom soft coolers may also be hard to find but if you get one, it is surely worth it!