Is It Possible To Buy A Cheap Wine That You Can Enjoy?

When shopping for wine, a large number of people often think that there is a correlation between the cost and quality of the wine. However, this is not always true. Even if you are on a budget, it’s usually possible to end up with a wine that you will actually enjoy.

The trick to getting this right is to put a bit more effort in trying to find the ideal wine, and to also ensure that you get a bit of background information about wines in general. In addition to that, you should consider how you will use the wine. Do you need it for cooking, as an accompaniment for a specific type of meal or simply to have fun? Some wines may be great for one application, but not so good when used in other scenarios.

There are a few tips that can help you identify and buy a cheap wine that will give you very good value for money. Some of these include:

Get the ones made using organic grapes

When searching for ones, try to get the ones that are made from organic grapes. In addition to being slightly healthier than the alternative, these types of wines are usually subject to more rigorous requirements when it comes to production. By buying them, you can be assured that they have gone through a stringent quality control process even if they are relatively cheap. One of the common side effects of this is that they are usually more delicious than other wines as well.

Consider getting wines made from lesser known grape varieties

When buying wines, you will often find that most of them are described according to the grape varieties used to make them. The fact that the lesser known grape varieties are not very popular makes some people think that they will not be very good, but the opposite often turns out to be true. Examples of such grape varieties include Primitivo and Tannat.

This also means that before heading out to shop for wine, you should consider brushing up on your knowledge of grape varieties. You don’t need to go into the details of this; your aim should be to gain a working knowledge of some of the common and not so common but excellent grape varieties.

Don’t buy relabeled wines

When buying wines, particularly from establishments such as supermarkets, you will come across relabeled wines. These are usually very cheap, but are commonly not very good to drink. In most cases, these are bulk wines bought by supermarket chains.

Consider shopping online

When you are in the market for a cheap but high quality wine, you should also consider shopping online. It’s very easy for you to come across insider deals, sales and coupons that will allow you to get genuinely impressive but slightly expensive wines at an affordable price. In addition to that, the fact that doing business online is much cheaper than doing it in the traditional manner means that most firms can afford to sell their wines more cheaply this way.

Shop from a store that has a large variety to choose from

Getting your wine from an Edmonton wine store that has a wide variety to choose from will expose you to lots of different products. Such stores tend to be staffed by people who are very experienced in wine, and who will therefore be an excellent resource when it comes to picking a cheap but enjoyable wine.

In summary, the notion that all good wine is expensive is not one that holds any water. With just a bit of patience and some background knowledge, it’s easy for you to pick a cheap wine that you and your friends will actually enjoy as much as a more expensive bottle!

7 Ways To Backpack Like A Rockstar With Your Booze In Tow

Backpacking can be quite a lot of fun, but more so if you get to carry some booze. Most people, however, feel that carrying some extra bags would weigh them down and make the trip more tiresome. Well, this will be true if you are carrying a whole keg with you into the wild. There are a lot of ways to carry booze without needing a cavalry to help with the load. Here are a few:

The wine bag

This is for the wine enthusiasts who enjoy something light and sweet during a hike. You do not have to carry five bottles of wine in your backpack in order to have a good time. Consider buying the boxed wine instead. It usually contains a wine bag inside. Carrying this wine bag means you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a whole box.

Ever heard of a mini bar?

If you love your cocktails, the mini bar kit is your best bet. With the many tiny bottles, you’ll get to carry all of your favorite components for a great cocktail in the outdoors. Use the bottles to carry all your spices and mixers, and pack them all up in a small bag. This bag will be your bar cabinet for that hike. Here, you get to enjoy your favorite cocktail on the go.

Powdered beer

Most powdered beers are not exactly beer, just beer flavors. If you fancy them, however, be sure to bring a few packs to your hike. The powdered beer will allow you to have some booze without having to bear the weight. You’ll get to create the drink once you reach your destination or while on a break from the stream. Either way, you get to have a drink that you may actually love.

The lightweight beer pouch

Yes, these exist too. If you thought wineries were the ones that cared about your convenience, well, breweries do too. A beer pouch is simply one of those light sacs that contain a significant amount of booze for your entertainment. They are hard to come by, but they exist. Ask your brewer about it some time.

A beer growler, preferably insulated

Beer growlers are becoming more popular by the day and if you have an insulated one, you are in a good position already. Insulation here means that you get to keep the beer safe from light, and well chilled until you get to camp. If your growler is not insulated, you could always find one of those soft coolers to carry it in.

A mini keg

What can I say? The brewers have thought of everything. There are mini kegs out there and all you have to do is find one. These are lighter and thus more efficient for a hike. They may contain less beer than the usual kegs so if you are taking a large group, you’ll need to carry more mini kegs that you usually consume in your house parties. Try and find a keg that’s made of aluminum for a lighter feel.

The good old aluminum beer cans

So, a six pack can still work well for that hike. What’s more, you can get to chill the beer by putting the cans inside the stream while you set up camp. Aluminum cans are specifically recommended because these are lighter than most of the other alternatives. And you are looking to limit the weight of your load here.

Spending time in the outdoors is good for your health. What’s more, you can get to carry all the booze that you need. If you’re a beer fan, you probably also know that your best bet would be the crawler beer in Edmonton. Now you know how to carry some with you on the go!

5 Practical Alternatives That Will Help You Transport Your Beer Safely

Today, growlers are slowly gaining popularity for beer lovers all over the world and it is no longer uncommon scene if you walk into your favorite brewer’s with a couple in hand. The tricky part, however, is in getting these growlers in Edmonton back home or to their destination without dropping them or exposing them to light.

Beer generally doesn’t respond well to exposure to light. And while the growler is effective in keeping the air out, it may not be that effective when it comes to protecting your beer from light. This is especially true if the growler is made of glass. Also, dropping your growler would mean losing your beer, and you do not want that at all, do you? So here are some possible safety measures that could protect your beer while you transport it.

The growler tote

This is probably a reserve for the beer fanatics. Growler totes are simply bags that are specifically designed to carry the growlers. These bags have to be thick enough to keep the light away from the beer, and soft enough to cushion the growler in case of an impact. Growler totes are commonly supplied by brewers as a promotional gift for buying growlers or being a frequent customer. You could also find one in your favorite liquor store. But if you don’t, do not despair. There are still other ways to keep your beer safe on your way from that refill.

Strong grocery paper bag

For those of us with glass growlers, it is always important that you find something to cover the growler when it is filled with beer. So when you are leaving the specialty beer store, you might need to put your growler in a strong grocery bag. This is because you are going to be exposed to light and your beer will not respond kindly to this kind of exposure. Remember that the strong paper bag should be able to keep out all of the light. This solution is especially effective if you are transporting your beer during the day. So whether you will be walking, driving, riding or cycling, get a grocery bag and cover up your growler.

Perhaps a towel or shawl

Another considerably safe alternative is to wrap the growler is a towel or a shawl. The idea is to keep the light out while also providing some forms of cushioning for the growler. This is usually convenient if you carry your gym bag with you in the car. However, this will not work if you are carrying that growler in your gym bag with many other things that could scratch or even crack the growler.

The seat belt

Wearing a seat belt is an obvious safety measure when you are driving, right? Well, I sure hope so. Anyway, the same concept will apply to your growler. If you are driving and there are no passengers to hold your growler, consider securing your growler with a seat belt on your passenger seat so that it will not move from side to side, or worse topple over. This will keep your beer safe until you get to your destination.

Custom soft cooler

Some even geekiest beer geeks will understand this choice. The custom cooler has to be soft in order to cushion the growler and prevent it from breaking. This is because you cannot guarantee to keep it still while you move. So if your growler is made of glass, the conventional coolers may not work, especially if you have to drive through some rough terrains or traveling over a long distance. Custom soft coolers may also be hard to find but if you get one, it is surely worth it!

Should You Own A Growler?

If you love beer, even half as much I do, then you’ll know what a growler is. And if you don’t, well, no judgment. A growler is basically an airtight jug that allows you to transport your beer without risking its quality. It is like carrying around an unopened bottle of beer, except that it is usually way larger than the ordinary bottle. This means that you can get to carry as much beer as you want, and keep it fresh while in transit too. The growler could be made of glass, ceramic or even stainless steel and they are usually really pretty and curious. Here are four reasons why every self-proclaimed beer lover must own at least one growler.

Do you practice home brewing?

Most beer lovers will tell you that they have tried some home brewing at one point or another. And if you are in this category, you may want to share that beer with some of your friends. You could even be generous enough to indulge your family in your new talent. With a growler, you will find it really easy to share your beer. Rather than putting in all the work required for bottling, using growlers is an easier and more cost effective way of sharing your home brew. Also, your friends and family will thank you for the pretty growlers once they are done sampling your creations.

Hosting a party can be crazy

If you’ve ever hosted a party, you will know that getting your guests to wait while you tap a new keg is often very tricky. They can get really restless too. With your growlers, you should be able to empty the kegs before they run out and serve the beer in the growlers while you tap new kegs. This will give your guests a steady access to beer, thus allowing them to focus on getting high and being happy. After all, it is a party.

Get some fresh refill from your favorite brewer

If you love beer, you probably love having a fresh supply at home all the time. This means that you will be making a lot of trips to your local brewer in the course of the week. Buying a keg seems convenient, but the keg may not keep your beer fresh for long. This is why you need a growler, so that you can buy smaller portions on a regular basis. This will guarantee you some fresh brew every time. The growler may last a couple of days, meaning that you don’t get to waste or spoil the taste of your precious beer by buying too much.

Maintaining the freshness while transporting your beer

You know that exposed beer is rather unpleasant, meaning that you need to store and transport it in an airtight container. Well, growlers are as airtight as can be. They thus offer you the privilege of maintaining freshness while transporting your beer. Regardless of how far you will be transporting the beer, you can be sure that it will remain as crispy and fresh as you want it. This is particularly useful if you have a keg at home and you are going to hang out at a friend’s place. Here, you will be able to take a growler or two and have an awesome time with fresh beer.

If you love beer, you better start looking at growlers in Edmonton as the precious assets that they are. Next time you are at the liquor store, check some out and find one that you like. It will make your drinking activities much more fun and classy too.

6 Ideas For The Perfect Gift When Intending To Impress A Beer Geek

Gift giving is an art that takes some mustering, and this is why not many people actually like the gifts that they receive. You could spend the whole year planning on what gift to offer someone for their birthday or anniversary or just as an appreciation for what they mean to you, but unless you really know what you are doing you will not impress them much. Well, this is why you need to read this. If you are looking to impress a beer geek, there are six possible gift ideas that will knock their bottles down. But to ace this, you will have to think like a beer geek first.

Simplicity here means a beer

Well, an assortment of beers to be precise. The thing about most beer geeks is that they do not have to declare an affiliation to only one beer. It is likely that they like a good number of brands and flavors. Take your time and understand what their preferences for beer are. This will ensure that you get to pick out a pack of their top six or twelve most favorite beers. This will surely earn you a place in their heart.

A classic bottle opener

If you think I mean one of those generic bottle openers that you can find at the mall, you are obviously wrong. It is a gift, and it must be really unique. Well, have you ever seen a 50 caliber bullet? Yes? Ok, it is rather large and its cartridge would work perfectly as a bottle opener. Now if your beer geek does not love you for this, they are clearly biased. You could also buy them one of those sunglasses that double as a beer opener. That seems pretty cool too.

The famous or infamous growler

There is an unwritten rule that every beer geek should have a growler. Fortunately, most beer geeks do not even know what a growler is. A growler is basically a container for your beer, and it is relatively larger than the usual beer bottle. This means you can use it to get a refill from your local bar if you do not intend to buy the whole keg. These can also be customized, and you could pick one made of glass, stainless steel or even ceramic depending on your preference and budget.

A bottlekeeper could work too

If the gift is meant for someone who does a considerable amount of moving around, they will need a portable container for their bottle. A bottlekeeper is like a tiny cooler that would fit most beer bottles. Usually they are made of stainless steel and can be customized at an extra cost. Other than being pretty, the bottlekeeper will make sure that the beer stays cold on a hot summer day spent in the outdoors.

How about a beer club membership

Beer of the month clubs allows you to receive exotic beers from all over the world. This means that your friend will be receiving beer in their mail every month and thanking you for it. They also get to drink beer from other parts of the world, making them even more of beer experts in the end.

Go all out with a beer cave

If you are feeling a little bit more generous, consider a beer cave. This is almost like a fridge except that it is way cooler and specifically made to hold all sorts of beers and kegs. It is like a tiny room where they can keep all of their favorite brews. This may be expensive, but for the look in their eyes when they receive it, it should be worth it.

Beer geeks are very special people, and in order to impress them, you may have to become one. So, pop into that specialty beer store and have some fun while shopping for the ideal present. As for me, my ideal gift choice for my beer-loving buddy is always his favorite keg beer in Edmonton!

Planning Your Party Menu: A Guide To Serving Specialty Liquor

When planning a party, you need to think about all the important details, the most important ones being the food and drinks. Deciding how much alcohol to buy and what type of drinks to serve is as vital to the party planning as choosing the menu. There are several factors to consider when making this important choice and they range from your budget, to the type of party you are planning. Fortunately, there are many different types of drinks to suit any occasion and to cater for different tastes.

Serving liquor at a party and knowing how to mix drinks properly is a mystery to most people. Fortunately, there are some tips that will help you to get valuable information about the drinks to purchase. You will not have to worry about your party ending early because the drinks ran out, or worse still, serving drinks that no one likes!

Choosing the quality

One of the most important decisions you need to make is the quality of drinks that you serve at your party. You should never skimp on quality when it comes to buying liquor. It is important to remember that the better the quality, the easier the drink will be on the stomach. The last thing you need is to gain the reputation of serving cheap drinks that make people sick. Visit a specialty liquor store and select a couple of drinks that your guests will love.

Hire a professional

You should consider hiring a professional bartender, especially if you are planning a large function. The best thing about having a bartender is that you have someone who can help to control the portions that people drink. You need to remember that people tend to get carried away any time free drinks are flowing. A professional will help with consumption monitoring to keep the party from becoming unruly.

Know what to serve

It is a good idea to ask your guests their drinks preferences where possible. However, this might not be practical for a large function and it can open a can of worms if your guests have expensive tastes. The best option is to offer a wide variety and hope that everyone finds something they like. Decide what your budget is or what you can afford and then decide what you want to serve. The fact is that most people will drink almost anything when it is free!

Fun drink recipes

To make your party even more interesting, consider getting several flavorful and fun drink recipes to complement your meal. Fruit flavored drinks, wine spritzers and light wines are great for a brunch or lunch. Cocktail parties are open to different beverages and you can serve soda, wine and beer. Mixed drinks can range from a simple scotch and soda to other drinks that require a little more effort like Manhattan. There are cocktails or mixed drinks that require different equipment like juicers, blenders, strainers, jiggers and pitchers. You will also need syrups, carbonated water and fruit garnishes.

Amount to serve

When buying drinks, you need to determine how much to serve. The type of party and the time of day will play a major role when it comes to determining how much liquor to serve. The amount of alcohol that is consumed at an evening party is much more than what you would serve during a late brunch. When planning how much to serve, estimate 2 drinks for each person during the first hour and one drink for every hour thereafter until the party ends.

When planning how much to purchase, you need to think about the drinks that most of your guests drink. If you have more wine drinkers than beer drinkers, buy more wine than beer. If your friends love beer, think about the number of bottles you need, or better yet, consider getting a keg!

Visit A Liquor Store And Learn Pairing The Right Wines For Your Meals!

There is no better way to complement a great meal than with a lovely wine. Choosing the right wine is something that most people find quite confusing. The truth is that most people end up choosing their favorite wines for every meal, which is not always the best thing especially when entertaining. Whether you are planning a dinner party or you simple want to select a wine to pair with your lunch, choosing the right wine is important. The good news is that you do not have to be a wine connoisseur to learn how to pick the right wines for each meal. Following are some rules for selecting the right wine.

Matching the flavors

Most wine drinkers will agree that the senses play a major role when it comes to selecting favorite wines. Your senses will help you to select the right wine for your meals. The wine’s aroma can guide your preferences and making the right choice can help to bring out the flavor in your food. A strong or full-bodied wine may not be the best choice for light food like fish as it can end up overpowering it. A sweet wine makes most desserts taste even sweeter. By pairing a dry wine with sweet foods, you can enjoy the aromas and flavors in the wine and also in the food.

Red or white

One of the most common questions when choosing wine is whether to pick red or white. Red wines have a heavy, full, rich flavor, and they work best when paired with dishes such as pork or beef that tend to be heavy. Some popular reds include Bordeaux, Cabernet and Sangria. Lighter meals like turkey, stir fry, salmon and vegetarian dishes can be paired with white wines like Chardonnay, Rieslings or Pinot Blanc. While it is not a matter of life and death, most wine experts will agree that the wine you select should match the color of the food.

Food preparation

It is a good idea to match your wine with the cooking technique. How you plan to prepare the meal should inform your wine choice. If you choose a delicate cooking technique such as poaching, sautéing or grilling, choose delicate wines that will not overpower the food. If you choose to roast, fry or flame-broil your meal, serve the food with a heavier, rich wine. Well, before you rush off to the liquor store, think about the spices that you plan to use in your food as this will affect your wine choice.

Alcohol content

Try to match the wine with the food’s flavor intensity but avoid overpowering the palate. If you serve foods that are heavily spiced, such as curries, choose a lighter wine for a less intense meal. When pairing wine with your meals, consider the alcohol content. Wines with low alcohol content are best used to complement dishes like pasta or grilled chicken while high alcohol content wines are best paired with heavier, full dishes such as those that contain a heavy cream.

Serving multiple wines

If you plan to serve several different wines during the meal, you should serve the light wines before the full-bodied ones. For the salad course, serve a white Riesling and follow this with a Cabernet for a main course of pork or steak. You should serve dry wines before sweet, serving the sweeter wine as a perfect complement to the dessert course. You should serve a wine that has a lower alcohol content first and then move on to stronger or heavier wines after. There are always some exceptions to the rule like a port wine works perfectly for a dessert course that has chocolate.

All in all, when choosing wine for your meal, let your nose be your guide. To get the best results, you can experiment with several wine pairings to find what suits you best.

The Comparison Between Single Malt and Blended Whisky

Many people tend to have the mistaken impression that single-malt Scotches are nowhere near blended whiskies. Even bartenders have made this mistake, but it actually isn’t all that true. It’s actually specific kind of blend. In actual fact, just about every kind of whisky available in the market is blends, such as bourbons and Tennessee’s. The main reason behind the confusion is the use of these two words – single and blends.

What’s a blend?

The word ‘blend’ can actually be used in two different manners – in a formal, or legal, way or in a more informal way. When used in a formal way, a blended whisky is a drink containing a mix of grain whiskies and barrel-aged malt. When used in a more informal way, it is a mix of more than one kind of whisky that is to be bottled up and in the market as one kind of whisky. The misunderstanding is due to the fact that when a whisky is considered single malt, it has to be the outcome of a single barrel or batch of whisky. However, that isn’t so as many single types of malt are made up of a mix of different whiskies because they are a blend

What about the single malt?

Single malt scotch whiskies are the product of just one distillery. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not the outcome of just a single barrel or even a single batch, but one distillery by itself. A single-malt Lagavulin can be made up of many different barrels of whisky that are produced in the distillery of Lagavulin, however it only contains whiskies that have been produced in the Lagvulin distillery.

Single grain scotch whiskies only have barley plus one or more types of cereal grains, which is normally corn or wheat. This is where the word ‘single’ is there to create more misunderstandings again. This is not a product that’s been created from a single type of grain, but rather produced in a single distillery.

House style, variables and consistencies

While whisky is being aged within oak barrels, a few variables would be influencing the turnout of the ultimate character of the whisky’s spirit. This involves climate variations, which means a barrel aging within its specific warehouse, or even variations that include the oak’s quality that are the material for the barrels. Due to the many different variables that can affect the barrel of whisky’s character, most whiskies are now made through the mixture of barrels together in order to attain a product that is consistent from a single release to another.

The distillery’s master blender then proceeds to taste through barrels that would be ready to be released and goes on to mix them, thus creating a product that is consistent with a profile flavour of the brand. However, not all barrels would perfectly suit the house style expected by consumers. In order to be able to attain that certain house style, it needs a blend of different whiskies from a fair amount of barrels.

What’s a single barrel scotch?

Single barrel scotches are made from a barrel of whisky, which hasn’t been mixed with whisky from any other sources. Every barrel release is unique in its own way because of the varying colors, flavours, aromas and other kinds of characteristics. A single barrel release is considered inconsistent from a single release to another.

Other types of blends

So you’ve learnt that a single malts is normally produced due to blending various whiskies from a number of different barrels that have been produced from a single distillery. There are other types of blends as well. Here are 3 types most consumers would come across.

  • Blended malt scotch whiskies

  • Blended grain scotch whiskies

  • Blended scotch whiskies

Blended malt scotch whiskies

Previously named as ‘vatted malts’, this is a blend of malts that are single that have been produced from more than one distillery. Companies purchase whiskies, then proceed to blend them, thus creating new products that have certain kinds of characteristics. Such companies include Compass Box. An example from Compass Box would be Peat Monster, which is a whisky that brings out the peat’s rich and smoky flavour.

Blended grain scotch whiskies

This is a blend with single grains produced from more than one distillery. Single grains are normally known to be mild and light. However, there are distilleries that produce exceptional and unique grain whiskies. Hedonism, from Compass Box, is the perfect depiction of a blended grain scotch.

Blended scotch whiskies

Most consumers tend to assume that blended scotches take up 90% of scotch departments when it comes to sales. Blended scotches comprise of a mixture of different grain whiskies and different malt whiskies that have been sourced from various distilleries. Such brands include Chivas Regal, Cutty Sark, Johnnie Walker, Dewar’s and J & B.

Now that the differences between single malts and blended whiskies have been made clear, you would probably be looking for a place that sells good single malts. Look no further because the best single malt scotch in Edmonton can be found at Keg n Cork Liquor Company. For more details, you can email us or drop us a call!

Why Craft Beer Is The Best Choice Out There

Want to have a good night out with the best drinks? Look no further because craft beer is the top choice for you to drink the night away! For those beer novices out there, craft beer is made in craft breweries, which are small, independent and traditional. It is hard to define true craft beer as everyone has a special interpretation of the taste of the beer. Each brand and type of craft beer is unique in its own way. Here are the top 7 reasons why craft beer is the number one type of beer.

The taste of craft beer

This is definitely classified as the top reason why craft beer is the number one drinking choice. Compared to what large beer companies mass produce that would label as “beer water”, craft beer has a much fuller taste. This is the result of craft brewers putting in time and effort into the quality of the beer rather than putting their focus solely on marketing campaigns, as well as stock prices. However, large beer companies take out important ingredients from their beer in order to reduce costs, leaving behind watered down beer as a result.

The more alcohol, the better

Despite the range of sizes craft beer is available in, the amount of alcohol in them is sure to be satisfying enough. Craft beers usually have about 5-10% abv (alcohol by volume), but there are certain craft beers that have up to 20% and 30%, even all the way up to 40% abv!

Cutting down on bathroom trips

With craft beer, it is not necessary to take a whole load of bathroom trips while downing down pint after pint of it. On a typical night out, most people would be content with either a Budweiser Select 55 or maybe a Miller Genuine Draft 64. With these beers having only a 2.5% abv, which makes it extremely watered down.

However, craft beers have much more flavour and come with 5-8% abv. 4-6 of those watery beers is equivalent to one or two craft beers. That means that you can safely drink craft beer without worrying too much about the bathroom.

Did we say… health benefits?

According to research, craft beer has more health benefits compared to red wine. Craft beer contains the richest source of silicon, which helps in fighting osteoporosis. It also contains soluble fibre along with Vitamin B and an array of antioxidants. It’s safe to say that the number of nutrients in craft beer outweigh the amount in wine.

Abundant of flavours, abundant of choices

There are more choices of craft beers than bud, millers and coors, all put together! With more than 209 craft breweries in Canada, an astounding amount of different flavours of craft beers are being brewed at this moment. Flavours range from crisp to floral to even coffee-like tastes. No craft brewery is exactly the same and they are all made with their own special ingredients.

Lesser calories

Even though craft beer does have more calories than the usual watered down beer, it is possible to consumer fewer calories in every drinking session. Let’s take a look at a scenario:

Most drinkers out there are more likely to drink those watered down beers that contain about 100 to 110 calories in every 12-ounce serving. If one were to have six of these beers, which would mean that one would be consuming 650 calories during that session.

However, when it comes to craft beer, one with 7% abv would normally have about 200 calories or even lesser than that. With only about 2 or maybe 3 craft beers in one drinking session, it would be easy to consume less than 600 calories.

Good food and craft beer – the perfect match!

A very popular trend nowadays is pairing craft beers with delectable cuisines. It is even argued that it has usurped wine as a choice of alcohol at the dinner table. Lighter beers complement food items that are equally light such as green salad and even sushi and sashimi. The refreshing and smooth flavour of the beer allows the food to have an even fresher taste. Such beers include lager and wheat beers.

Malty beers have a more caramel type of flavour to it. It pairs well with food items that have been caramelized such as roasted meat, lasagne and pizza. The richness of the beer also goes fairly well with stews. Malty beers come in the form of amber ale and most English ales. Roasty beers that include brown ale have a roasted and almost chocolaty kind of flavour. These beers go well with smoked, grilled or barbecued meat.

So now you can see why craft beer is practically the king of beers. Dying to try one out? Keg n Cork Liquor Company offers the best craft beer in Edmonton. To book a beer keg, simply give us a call and you can guarantee that any party can lighten up with craft beer.

Why You Should Choose A Craft Beer For Your Alcoholic Experience

With all pricing wars going higher and higher for alcoholic drinks, people tend to be cautious about what they buy. But do you know that some types of alcohol are good for you as it turns out they are beneficial to a certain extent? Well, I am talking about craft beer!

What is a craft beer?

There is no perfect description of what a craft beer is but the best one yet describes it as beer that is produced by from an independent and traditional setting. Producers of craft beer therefore are not big time brewery companies but small companies.

Advantages of craft beer

Alcohol is not as bad as it is portrayed; craft beer has several advantages, beneficial to the consumer so other than achieving satisfaction from a refreshing drink you get to gain some health benefits. So what are these advantages?

  • When you drink too much it’s not good for you and when you don’t drink at all, that is not healthy either. We are recommended to put our intake of alcohol to a moderate level. Beer is most convenient for drinking moderately. With low alcohol content and a high volume level, it proves to be a much better drink than wine or spirits. Beer is also believed to cheer the spirit, give you a softer temper and gives you better health.

  • One person in a group is always trying to lose weight, reducing your calorie level and cutting down on some particular types of food is an exercise we all partake. When choosing what to eat and what not to, do not cut beer from your list of drinks. Here’s why; beer has a low count in calories, no fat and definitely no cholesterol, so it fits into your diet plans perfectly. Beer is natural and does not have any preservatives or additives. On top of lacking in cholesterol, beer improves the cholesterol in your body, double advantage!

  • Water is presumed to be the most nutritious drink; it contains natural nutrients but, in cases where you cannot take water you can compromise with beer. Some areas have contaminated water, some instances there is need to restrict usage of water, like during disease breakouts. Unfiltered beer or slightly filtered beer has nutrients of its own. For example it contains fiber, which is quite beneficial to the body.

  • Diseases take up our bodies and consume our health, with the nutrients in craft beer it helps when dealing with certain diseases. For cancer, it contains an enzyme that inhibits cancerous cells, slowing down its growth and spreading. It also plays a major role in preventing heart attacks and any other heart diseases.

  • For sweetness sake, craft beer tastes a whole lot better than most wines produced by the big companies. Production of the drink takes more time since there are no great devices to help in producing it. Brewers of craft beer focus highly on the quality of beer rather than marketing strategies with the belief that good this market themselves. When consuming this type of beer having as much alcohol content as they are supposed to, you thus get the satisfaction you were looking for.

  • The worst part of downing one or two means that you and the bathroom become clear acquaintances, with craft beer you do not have to go to the bathroom too much, the fact that it is sheer quality and not watered down makes it a worthy type of beer to consume.

  • Craft beer is also kind to your pockets, it does not cost as much as beer from big companies. The producers of craft beer calculate the costs of production, transportation and distribution, add on a little advantage and then come up with a price. It is fair priced and targets people from the middle dimension.

An evolution in our drinking choices

Craft beer is taking up the dining room over wine; a while back it was assumed that wine was the best as it assists in digestion. Craft beer blends perfectly with good food and is thus bringing an evolution into the dining situation. The best thing about craft beer is that there is always a brand that will best suit your situation and the occasion you are celebrating.

What to do about it

For your perfect night out or that house party you are planning to host, it is great that craft beer becomes one of the available options. It is pocket friendly, so you can get more for less; it also promises you full alcoholic effect unlike the watery types of beers. The beer promises you quality as the satisfaction of the consumer is the first priority for the brewers. There is plenty of options when it comes to craft beer in Edmonton. It will have you sorted for your party adventures so choose craft beer, sit down and enjoy your refreshing drink!

A Whole New Level of Understanding Scotch

Most people would question you if you happened to tell them that they should take a scotch. Why? Of course it is so much better than wine or beer, but once you take it, it sends a wave of heat through your body, that thing is strong! But past the feel to your mouth, the first and second times, you get to appreciate what it is really about. Scotch whisky is basically the most refined and classy drink in the world. It is produced with instructions being followed to the letter from the materials for production, to the mixing and to how it is stored and for how long. So let us evaluate scotch whisky a little bit more, and understand what is really in our glasses.

Where it is produced

From its name only, you can derive where it is from, Scotland is a country best known for distilling the best of whisky. In Scotland, the very best production is done with very clear instruction on its production. The material allowed to be distilled is only barley. The malt is then distilled for a period of at least three years.

How to choose a scotch

Considering how definite scotch is manufactured you can easily tell that it is meant to be distinct from other drinks. For people who understand scotch they prefer to keep it simple, you do not combine it with other drinks; you only tone down its taste using ice cubes and then enjoy scotch as scotch not a cocktail. For you to choose scotch whisky like a pro, there are several things you need to know:

  • You first and foremost need to know how to tell apart blends and single malt. Blended whisky is just that, blended, it contains different types of whisky produced by different distillers. The single malt whisky contains only of water and distilled barley.

  • When an advertisement of a brandy comes up, most often you will get advice to pick single malt to blends. Although single malts are known for their great taste, there are many awesome blends out there. So make it your business to know your alcohol before you pick which to engage in.

  • Old is gold that is a phrase we have all heard once or twice in a lifetime. This directly applies to scotch, the more years it is distilled the better in tasting it will be. When picking out a type of whisky, the oldest would do the best, be careful to also pick one that does not have additives in it. The natural the better.

  • With the knowledge that Scotland is basically the best producer of whisky, how about when picking out your whisky, you select those that come from Scotland? Those offer the best quality. You can never go wrong when you pick Scotland scotch whisky.

How to take this Scottish luxury

The most important thing about something is the container that holds it, it’s no wonder we see advertisement companies working extra hard to give out such perfect packaging, it’s difficult not to notice it. When it comes to scotch or whatever drink, the glass you use to drink it will determine a lot. It won’t taste the same if you took it in a wine glass. Taking scotch in a wine glass sounds wrong just like taking wine in a tea cup. So you get what I mean, you have picked out your scotch and it’s time to indulge, pick out your best scotch glass for maximum satisfaction.

A little at a time, pour a bit of scotch into the glass, nose it, take in all the glamour. With that you get to understand and interact with your drink, yes it sounds cheeky but it’s true, you get to know; its fruitiness, woodiness, distilling scotch entails putting it in barrels where it is left for years on end, the sweetness it contains. After you take you do this, your first sip will taste so much better if you do this before taking it.

Scotch geniuses will recommend that you down the drink in tiny bits so that you can get enough time to taste all its goodness. Ensure that you let the taste linger into your taste glands.

As mentioned earlier, scotch has a high level of alcoholic content in it, it is therefore recommended that you add a little amount of water to down the alcohol content to a reasonable level. When you take whisky that has an average amount of alcohol you are more likely to take and enjoy more

Choose and enjoy!

As humans, we all want to let loose from time to time, especially after a hectic day of work, it is then important that when choosing your alcohol, you pick the best. With the wide range of brands available, you get to choose your own sweet poison. The number of available single malt scotch in Edmonton will simply knock you off your feet, so look around until you find what your mouth desires.

How Do The Best Liquor Stores Get It Right?

If you are setting out to get a reputation as a specialist liquor store, there are a number of steps that you will need to take to allow your business the chance to be recognized in this category. It won’t be easy, but with hard work and dedication, your reputation will rise and this will have two direct positive effects.

First of all, your takings and turnover will progressively increase and your profit will rise too. Secondly people will spread the word that your premises should be an absolute must for those who can get to visit you; they will pass other liquor store premises in order to reach your shop.

The reasons are simple; they trust you to only stock good quality products carefully selected. Your prices are reasonable and not exaggerated and your visitors, who are looking for advice and assistance, will find your staff is knowledgeable and friendly; they will be able to happily deal with even the most naïve questions.

Distant horizons

Across the globe, in countries where alcohol sales are permitted, the buyers for the liquor retailers compete to find the best products. Then they need to secure the supply line to make sure the production and delivery to their premises is guaranteed and no other competitor, even from another country, can come in and take the available stock away.

So the buyers, even if they are agreeing terms with the wholesalers who are more local, they must ensure that the purchase orders and supply contracts are rigorously respected and adhered to. The most successful professional buyers are able to take time to go to the centers of production in order to find new products or secure better business terms with existing producers. From Chile to Australia, to the US, or from Mexico to Scotland and Ireland, the buyers will need to trot the globe to find the best of breed brands.

The best specialty liquor store owners often have more than one buyer as they prefer to use specialists to cover each liquor sector, beer, wine, and whiskies, champagne and so on. Having a team of specialists is a great advantage as these people know where to look and what to pay. The buyers should have an agreed budget with the company owner. They should be able to place orders without obstacles or red tape from “HQ”. This is particularly important if, for example, they are presented with a great deal in France for a top quality wine at an auction and they need to bid in real time to buy it.

What do the customers want?

Did you know what a growler was 15 years ago? Probably not. Today, to not know about growlers will cause other people to ask “Which planet have you been living on?” For the specialist liquor store that is highly successful, the owners will explain that every member of staff who talks to the customers listens carefully to what they are looking for.

If they can’t find it in the store, the member of staff should take note and report back to the management. Why is this important? Today liquor store customers are far more well-travelled and informed about wines and spirits and even beers than their parents’ generation. They could ask you if you would have a particular beer they enjoyed in Germany or a particular type of wine they found in Spain. Your staff should take note and feed information back to you about what your customers are looking for. Following this through will please and delight your existing and new customers.

Tasting and market research

As a way of promoting your store and at the same time pleasing your customers and potential clients, a tasting session is a great idea. It allows you to collect really useful market information about what your buying public are looking for. Before you place an order with a new supplier for their liquor you can get excellent feedback about what your valuable customers are really looking for.

Teaching your staff to think as you do

The owners of the most successful liquor stores stock products that they appreciate or enjoy. The choice of stock is highly personal, but conducted in an objective way. Every item in the store needs to have satisfied the owners that it passes muster in its class and the choice should be able to be easily explained. For example, the store’s wine list should only include wines that the owner or owners would drink themselves and explain why.

Inform the staff and inform then well so that they can advise, guide and help buyers to make the right purchase. Returning customers should be asked for feedback. Make sure that you have set up a system, with the customers’ permission perhaps a loyalty card program, so that you can understand what each individual customer buys from you. Use this information to find out why they are not buying what they did before, or use the data to suggest new products that they may be interested in.

Liquor stores are aplenty the world over, but to succeed as a reputable specialist liquor store is never an easy thing to accomplish. But as long as you keep the passion alive for liquor and beyond, it is more likely than not you will achieve success!

How A Famous Whisky Nearly Never Made It

Until 1823 across the Speyside district of Scotland, you would easily have been able to come across illegal distilleries as they were very commonplace. However, all that changed in 1823 with the passing of the Excise Act. The big change was that, thanks to this act, legal distilleries could be set up, given that the owner was in possession of a license to produce.

It is not entirely clear, but it is believed, that Alexander Gordon the 4th Duke of Gordon was the key player and protagonist in getting this legislation successfully passed. George Smith who was the Duke of Gordon’s tenant is believed to have been involved in passing of the legislation, although there is no written evidence to support this.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Smith was already operating his own illicit distillery at that time. It was he who applied for first and then obtained the first license to produce whisky legally in Glenlivet. Not unsurprisingly, other illicit producers were very unhappy about this and pushed hard to get the Excise Bill overturned so that they could return peacefully to their previous work. However as enough distillers across Scotland accepted the legislation, their hopes were dashed.

Serious threats were made against George Smith, so alarmed was the Duke of Gordon that he gave George Smith two pistols to protect himself as well as his distillery. Fortunately for whisky lovers the world over, Smith survived and in 1824, together with his son John Gordon Smith, started production at the Upper Drumin Distillery which is still operational today.

Producing single malt whisky at Glenlivet

Single malt scotch needs to be produced using careful and traditional methods to guarantee that the end result is an excellent product. Each stage in the production of Glenlivet Whisky has been carefully refined and is practiced in ways using techniques and ingredients that will not be used in blended whisky production.

1.The malting

The initial step is the malting process of Glenlivet whisky actually takes place off site. Rich Scottish barley, that has been carefully selected, is carefully soaked by professional maltsters. After leaving it soaking for several days it germinates. The moment the shoots emerge the barley is cooked and dried and this produces the malt that is the key ingredient for the whisky. A curious fact is that Glenlivet does not use peat while the barley is drying, unlike Islay malts, and so it retains its finer flavors and aromas.

2.The milling

The dried malt is returned to the distillery so that it can be run through the malt mill in batches. The mill produces coarse flour that is known as “grist”. The hard barley husks are split open and removed like a sweet wrapper to reveal the granules of starch inside.

3.The mashing

Hot spring water is used to mash the grist in a receptacle called a mash tun; it is device with rotating arms that stirs up the mixture. An important natural process is the development of enzymes, these convert the starch contained in the malt into sugar. This sugary liquid is called “wort” and having been mashed it is clear in color.


Now yeast is added to wort and this solution converts the sugars into alcohol. It would be tasteless were it not for the impurities called “congeners” that give the whisky its particular flavor. Washbacks are used that are big vessels. After 2 days, the wort is converted to wash; it seems like a very frothy beer with strength of about 8%-9% proof. Glenlivet uses wood washbacks rather than steel ones.


Glenlivet uses copper pot stills, inside them in the first phase of distillation, the wash is heated so that the alcohol evaporates from the water. The lantern shape stills, that are still in use today, that George Smith designed himself are unique to Glenlivet. The advantage of the necks is that their width allows the alcohol vapour to get maximum contact with the copper that purifies it. Being high only the lightest vapours reach the top, they cool and when condensing become “low wines” the alcohol content now is about 20% to 22%.

Now a second stage distillation allows the low wines in the spirit still. On cooling the remaining liquid is divided into 3 separate cuts by a person called the stillman. He uses a spirit safe to divide the high alcohol liquid which emerges first “head” from the “heart” which is the second type of liquid to emerge. The last liquid is unusable and is recycled together with the head and goes into the spirit receiver.


Whisky casks are now filled at the town of Keith which is found nearby to Glenlivet, the alcohol is reduced a little. The maturation period is from between 12 to 25 years, sometimes even longer. A little known fact is the whisky continues to evaporate, even if this is just a little. This evaporation is known as the “Angels Share” and actually accounts for many thousands of gallons each year, but the manufacturers reckon it’s worthwhile to keep the whisky gods happy!

How To Taste Single Malt Whisky

The art of tasting Single Malt whisky is not science at all. It is quite simpler than you can think. Sometimes, people have read so many reviews and other notes stating that it has a flavor more like dark chocolate or sherbet. This makes them think whether it is the same whisky they have just tasted?

If you are fond of whisky, then you must learn the art of picking up these kinds of different, expressive and expressive characteristics. This is not difficult at all. All you need to do is to start tasting different things that are not related to Single Malt Scotch and then take a ‘taste snapshot’ of the features of that flavor. Once you make it your habit, you will be able gain precision in whisky tasting.

You must also realize that whisky is different from other spirits. Its taste develops after some time. Therefore, always remember not to drink it quickly. Furthermore, taste is something personal and varies at an individual level. Certainly, there can be no right or wrong answers.

Using the right type of glass

Choosing the right glassware is really important as it will really help your cause. It is better if you go for the one that has a narrow opening so that it can concentrate and channel the aromas of Single Malt Scotch towards your nostrils. These glasses are called snifter but you can also opt for wine or brandy glasses to achieve your aim. There are some types of glassware that can trap the aroma well. It is recommended not to go for the tumblers and those with a wide rim because the aroma will simply dissipate quickly. The broad rim glasses are used for drinking whisky and not for the tasting purpose.

Use your sense of smell

This is the feeling and aroma that you pick up from the Single Malt well before tasting it. You can actually figure out some of the important characteristics of the whisky you have chosen and will surely get an idea what would the taste be like. To begin, simply pour a considerable amount of whisky into the glass and swirl it for some time. This will expedite the oxidation process and the liquid will begin to evaporate. This stage is really important because the whisky has been trapped in a bottle or a cask for a long time and needs some time to express itself and reveal its true features.

Once you have swirled your whisky, you must give sufficient time to spirit to settle down. Otherwise, your first sensation will not be of full alcohol. You can notice the color of the whisky as you wait for it to get settled. For better results, you can hold the glass against a white background. Now you can bring your nose close to the glass and breathe in.

Let the aromas circulate around the nostrils for a while. Do this several times and think of all the aromas it has reminded you of. Think in terms of freshness, lightness, richness or see of it was floral, fruity, smoky or spicy etc. It is pretty common to see people claiming that their first sniff was just full of alcohol and therefore could not pick up much. Generally, you will be able to make your opinion about Single Malt Scotch in third or fourth sniff because by then your nostrils would be accustomed to the high strength of spirit.

The palate can be really useful

The flavor of your whisky on the palate can be a real treat for you. It is very important that you do not drink your whisky too fast. Remember, that there is a difference between a shot of cheap Tequila and Single Malt Scotch. You must savor it in your mouth and try to get the maximum flavor of it. Since different parts of your tongue and of course mouth respond to different flavors, you must ensure that your whisky reaches all areas of your mouth so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

You must be prepared for an alcoholic burn when tasting your whisky. This is one of the main things that put people off drinking whisky. You can keep taking sips and try to identify all the possible flavors it reminds you of. You will have to take a few sips before you can identify its true characteristics as with each sip you will discover something new.

You must remember that there are no standard answers when describing the taste of whisky. This is because everyone’s taste buds are different and respond in a different manner. Hence you must not worry if you get a flavor that others are unable to figure out.

Adding ice

Many people ask the question of whether to add ice when tasting whisky or not. The experts recommend trying whisky in its natural state first. Adding ice certainly changes the flavor of whisky!

How To Choose The Right Glassware To Complement Wine

When you arrange a family dinner in Edmonton or call all your friends over the weekend to spend some time together, it is important that you make everything look perfect. Starting from the menu to the décor to the cutlery and glassware, everything should complement each other. This is the only way to let others appreciate your efforts and of course, aesthetic sense.

If you have a plan to serve wine in dinner, you must choose the one that goes well with your menu. There are different types of wines that are served with different dishes. Apart from choosing the type of wine wisely, you must pay special attention to glassware as well in which you will be serving wine.

It is believed that the shape and the size of the wine glass plays a pivotal role in enhancing the appearance of wine as well as has a direct impact on its aroma, tannins, bouquet and of course on its finish. It also works to conserve the temperature and bubbles of wines and above all, it sends the wine to different parts of tongue.

A typical wine glass is composed of three parts, namely the foot, the stem and the bowl. The size of the bowl reflects how much liquid can be swirled and also the amount of air exposure the wine will face. Special attention is given to the shape of the rim because it tends to direct the wine to specific parts of the tongue. This is not it. The size of the opening of the wine glass either expands or concentrates the rising of the wines bouquet or aroma. Here is a look at some of the popular wine glass available in the market:

Bordeaux glass

This wine glass can easily be recognized from its tall and broad bowl shape. It is designed for full bodied red wines so that it can be directed to the back of the mouth. It has a narrow opening that tends to concentrate the bouquet or aroma but its shape allows swirling. These types of glasses are preferred for full bodied red wines that include Syrah, merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Red wine glasses

Red wine glasses have wider, larger and rounder bowls that any other glassware. This design increases wine exposure and of course increases the rate of oxidation at the same as well. Since the wine gets exposed to air once poured into the glass, the chemical interaction tends to alter the wine’s flavor and bouquet or aroma. When compared with other wines, red wines usually have more complex flavors that are later smoothed out as they are exposed to air.

Burgundy glass

When compared with the Bordeaux glass, the burgundy glass is relatively rounder. Since it has a bigger bowl, it also allows maximum air exposure. It has a closed rim due to which the wine is directed to the tip of the tongue. If you are planning to serve Pinot Noir in your dinner, then this glassware is the ideal choice.

White wine glasses

White wine glasses come in different shapes and sizes. Generally most of them have large openings which give the full flavored white wines, like oaked chardonnay, to oxidize with air. If you are planning to serve white wine that is relatively lighter and fresher, you must go for the ones that have a small opening because less oxidation is required. Since the glass with a small mouth has a small surface area, it slows down the rate of oxidation.

This is the best way to preserve the flavor of your white wine. You can also go for the glasses that have small bowls and long stem because they are considered to be ideal for conserving the temperature of chilled wine. Having a small surface area of the glass means that there will be less air circulation in the glass that may warm the wine. Furthermore, the long stem ensures that there is less contact between the glass and the hand, thereby preventing body heat from warming the wine.

Champagne glasses

Champagne glasses can be recognized from their narrow bowl and long stem. They are designed in such a way to preserve the temperature and the bubbles of the chilled wine. They also create a feeling of ‘celebration time’ and therefore are highly popular.

What’s trending today?

Tumblers, that are basically wine glasses with no stem or foot, are a funky choice for the present times. They simply negate all the benefits of glass stems. You can further enhance the wine experience by choosing crystal glasses. If you have a limited budget, you can opt for something that is plain and clear.

Many people start looking for the best wine stores in Edmonton when they are planning a dinner party. What they forget is that choosing the right glassware is equally important!

8 Liquors That Make Excellent Gifts

One of the interesting types of gifts you can give an individual is a unique liquor. There are many people who appreciate this type of gift, and the fact that it’s something out of the ordinary will make it more special to them. However, one of the problems that many people come across is choosing the right bottle of liquor.

You might want to first find out what category of liquor the individual likes, and then use this as the basis for buying one. For instance, if they are a fan of whisk rather than gin, you can simply visit a specialty liquor store and ask for a special bottle of whisky. Even if you don’t have much experience with this type of alcohol, chances are that you will be given excellent advice regarding what to buy.

The other way to go about it would be to get a best seller. There are some liquor types that are very popular, but not as common as one would imagine. Getting one of these for a friend or a loved one would increase the chances of them enjoying it.

That said, there are a number of classic liquor brands that will definitely excite most people. Buying them should therefore be one of your goals when you need to impress someone with this type of gift. Examples of these include:


This is a liquor that is usually described as tangy and aromatic. It’s a very easy liquor to drink, which means that most people are likely to enjoy it immensely. The good thing about it is that it’s not that expensive, with a bottle going for around $19 depending on where you get one. This liquor is made in Alto-Adige and is an excellent choice for light, friendly celebrations.

Kiuchi No Shizuku HItachino Nest Distilled White Ale

This is an unusual ale that is not very common, being found mostly in specialty liquor stores. This makes it the perfect gift, since you can be sure that the person you are giving it to is likely to never have seen it before. This is an ale that appeals to most people, including those who love beer. It’s infused with ingredients such as coriander, orange peel and hops, and is aged in oak barrels to give it a distinctive aroma as well. The end result is a liquor that is slightly sweet as well as being mellow. Drinkers will note some hints of citrus and spices, making it particularly pleasant.

St Germain Liquor

A bottle of St Germain Liquor will cost you around $35 on an online store, but probably less in other stores. The liquor itself is often described as floral and tangy, and this is why most people prefer to use it in specialty cocktails. If you are getting a liquor for a person who normally attends or organizes such events, getting them St Germain is likely to be most ideal. The liquor comes in a glamorous bottle, which enhances its value as a gift.

Gran Classico

This is yet another liquor that costs in the region of $35 a bottle. It’s a slightly bitter liquor, which usually makes it ideal for more experienced drinkers. Most people who have drunk it claim that the bitterness gives it a certain depth that makes it feel more mature than most other liquors in the market.

Destillerie Purkhart Walnut Liquor

This is an old fashioned liquor made out of walnuts. The taste of walnuts definitely comes through, as do the notes of spice. This liquor is also well packaged, coming in a bottle that could be used for ornamental purposes.

Carpano Antica

This is one of the most delicious bottles of vermouth most people will ever taste. It’s an excellent liquor for sipping, making it a favorite in many cocktail events. You can buy this in a half bottle size, which is what most people prefer for gifting since it’s so portable.

Hudson Maple Cask Rye

This is one of those liquors that are good enough to be considered collectible items. This is a rye that has been aged in whiskey barrels, and has every hint of quality you would expect out of it. Most people might be put off by the fact that it’s slightly more expensive than other liquors out there, but you will be getting very good value for money when you buy it.

Benedictine Liquor

This is a bottle of liquor that costs around $32. It comes in a classic bottle, and the liquor itself has been made with a number of herbs concocted into a secret blend. For this reason, there is no other product out there that has the same taste as this, which makes it one of the best choices for people who are interested in a high quality gift.

The above recommendations are some of the types of liquor you can get a friend or loved one. All of them have something special to offer, and are reasonably priced.

Investing In Liquor: How Practical It Is And How To Do This Best

When it comes to investment in alcoholic drinks, most people assume that the only way to do it would be to invest in wines. However, it has recently emerged that investing in liquor can also be a great idea as well. This is particularly important if you are interested in getting the greatest returns on your investment. According to a recent article in the Forbes magazine, there are many people who invest in unique liquors, and end up making more profit compared to when you invest in some wines for the same duration of time. This makes it an interesting choice for those who want a safer bet in investment.

However, as is the case with any other type of investment, you need to do your homework before doing this. It’s important to educate yourself about some of the nuances of investing in liquor so that by the time you start doing it, you don’t end up having a hard time making decisions. This also means that you need to know about some of the basics of investing in this type of product including:

Your horizon

How long should you wait until you can sell your bottles of liquor for a profit? This often depends on a variety of factors, including the cost of storing the liquor as well as the type of liquor you are investing in. However, the one thing that you should be very sure of is that for the best results, you will need to hold on to such bottles for a long time, usually more than a year or two. If you are looking for a short term investment, choosing this vehicle may not be the best choice.

The type of liquor you should stock up on

In order for the liquor to be a good investment vehicle, it needs to have a few characteristics including being rare enough for people to convince people to pay top dollar for it. Examples of this include liquors that are produced in commemoration of an event, which are usually in limited production numbers. In addition to that, you could also buy liquors that have unique characteristics, such as being manufactured under conditions that are outside of the norm or which are packaged in a unique manner. The most important thing to remember is that the numbers should be limited in order for the demand to go up in future.

The issue of storage

Before you can invest in any type of liquor such as a whisky, you should find out the ideal conditions under which they need to be stored. For instance, there are some types of liquor that do best when stored in cold conditions, and there are some that are best stored in areas that receive low light. The goal of doing this is to maintain the condition of the liquor so that when you sell it, it will still have the same attractive taste and color that it had when it was first manufactured. The other alternative is that it should have aged well with time.

In some cases, you will need to make a few changes to the structure of your home in order to store such liquor. For instance, you might want to install a number of wine racks in your cellar for them. This is an investment that should also be included in the cost of buying the liquor, and you should be able to recoup it by the time you sell it.

Where will you sell it?

Before you buy the liquor as an investment, it’s a good idea to do some research regarding how you will sell it when the time comes. There are many ways of doing this, including through online and regular auctions or by simply selling it to private collectors.

It’s important that you learn how to work with either of these types of buyers. For instance, if you are to sell the liquor to a private collector, which one would you approach? How do you know that they are likely to by the liquor? If you intend to sell through auctions, how do they work? How will you prepare for one? Understanding all these issues is central to making sure that you make a decision after having fully understood the implications of what you are doing. Fortunately, all this information is online, so you don’t need to struggle so much to find it.

Buying the liquor

By far, one of the biggest challenges you will have is choosing where to buy the liquor. If you are looking for relatively rare bottles, you should consider shopping in specialty liquor stores. They are usually well stocked, and will likely have what you are looking for or direct you to where you are likely to find it.

In summary, investing in liquor is a great idea. All you have to do is make sure that all the issues above are sorted out, and you should be on your way towards making great profits.

The Mystery And Magic Of Single Malt Whisky

First of all, it is important to understand exactly what single malt whisky is. The answer is actually quite straightforward, in order to qualify to be a single malt scotch, the whisky needs to have been distilled in a unique distillery using a method of production that is known as the pot still distillation process.

An interesting fact, that not many people know is that single malt whiskey, and the use of whiskey is not typing mistake, originated in Ireland which is the first country that began producing whiskey over one thousand years ago and the Scottish single malt whiskies have benefitted in their development because of what was learnt on the other side of the Irish Sea.

Single malt scotch – What is it exactly?

First of all, this form of Scotch must be produced in Scotland to be considered the original article. Next it needs to be produced in a one unique distillery following the traditional pot still distillation processes that use malted grain that is mashed and prepared for the production of whisky. Here is the common factor because in Ireland grain and malt were both of the few materials readily available as other fruits of agriculture were few and far between so the production of wine and beer were not economically available.

Scotch whisky today is governed by the same rules that allowed it to be distilled and made famous in the past centuries. None of the key rules that were observed in the past are still rigidly applied today to make sure that the end product is as good now as it was in the past. Without compromise the rules of production are declared in black and white:

  • Barley is the unique grain that is approved for the production of single malt whisky.

  • The single malt whisky must be produced from the start to the end of its production in Scotland.

  • In Scotland it must be distilled and matured in oak casks in Scotland for a minimum of three years, you should understand that many of the most famous single malt whiskies are distilled for as many as 12 years or more.

Are there other alternative Scotch Whiskies to single malt?

Yes, there are other alternatives and some of them have become famous in other countries including the USA, Canada and Japan. Using wheat and rye that are both grains that can be malted and according to their fans these whiskies are some of the best available, they are considered by malt whisky experts to not be in the same class as genuine malt whiskies. Supporters of grain malt whiskies point out that this cereal is the king of the pack when it comes to the production of the best whiskies.

The view of the whisky experts that barley is the best cereal for the production of the best whiskies cannot be ignored as the two of the most important countries where whisky is produced Ireland and Scotland absolutely rely on barley to produce their most famous and successfully export their best whisky brands.

Single or blended – What is the difference?

First of all it is important to point out that a single malt whisky is not automatically better than blended malt whisky and that they will taste better and be a superior product. However there are a number of production conditions that point the way to indicate and prove that a single malt whisky will be a superior product to blended malt.

If you are looking at a bottle of blended malt whisky you need to understand what this means. The Scotch Whisky Regulations published in 2009 clarified the situation and also the definition. What this law has defined is that blended malt whisky allows two important conditions that differ from single malt whisky:

  • The whisky can be produced in one or more production locations and also the production method may not be guaranteed to follow traditional methods, for example distilling the whisky in oak barrels is not mandatory.

  • The whisky while it is being matured to be made ready for the market could be moved from one location to another, in this way its origin can become unclear as well as its place of final production.

  • Next you need to really check out the small print on the label because “blended malt Scotch whisky” only contains malt whisky from different source distilleries. Blended Scotch whiskies can contain malt or grain whisky as well as those containing rye and wheat whisky too and hence they become only “blended whisky”.

So now, you have the bottle of whisky that you have decided to buy in your hand and are ready to head to the checkout, what is the final information need to check? The bottle will tell you that it has been distilled for 8, 12 or 15 years and this is a good indication of its value. What the label will not tell you if it was matured in its production location. Don’t be concerned if the whisky was matured in different locations as the best whiskies are matured in a number of places but thanks to great production, the end result of that whisky is as good as any that you could expect!

The Return Of The Cocktail Revolution

Now, it is clear that the cocktail is back and the revolution is well established across the whole of North America. This revolution owes much of its success to the cocktail’s re-adoption by bars and restaurants across Canada with the re-launch of the all American Cocktail.

Recently, many commentators in the drinks sector are looking at the next challenge which is how to transplant the cocktail from the bar stool to the living room couch, by doing this the cocktail will have returned to its roots. To do this all of the components that make up great tasting and even unusual cocktails require the services of the specialty liquor store to offer a great range of cocktail ingredients.

Bringing the great concept of cocktails back home

The selling of the at home cocktail concept requires smart marketing and good publicity. The cocktail is being promoted as the frontier point or psychological passage from the close of the working day to the evening and the chance to kick back and relax. Now you can enjoy the concept of the cocktail hour at home turn away from your work obligations, close the door and reclaim your time as totally your own.

Cocktail preparation requires some skill and dedication but if you are prepared to learn the tricks and techniques the results can be excellent cocktails that you and friends and family can enjoy. For this cocktail revolution to turn into a key part of your daily life you have to treat it as more than just a passing craze and dedicate yourself to learning the skill of great cocktail preparation. Proponents of cocktails go so far as to state that it is your cultural duty to make cocktails at home as it is a key element in the North American way of life.

Finding a local liquor store

So if you have bought into the cocktail revolution you will need to step out to find the best liquor store in your neighborhood that can provide you with the supplies that you need. Specialist shops are growing in number, some of them may not look very interesting from the outside, but once you step in you may feel that you have discovered an Aladdin’s Cave of cocktail treasures inside. Some of these stores also have large and interesting wine and beer selections available too. This is well appreciated by customers as they can find everything that they are looking for in one place.

Look out for the liquor stores that have a wide range of liquors available, one recommended technique is to check whether the liquor store has a web site where you can find information about what they stock. Some of the best stores carry a range of liquors that you may never have heard of as well as a wide range of tequilas even as many as 150 different ones.

Also, they may stock rare Canadian maple rye whisky which has a particularly distinctive taste and is a great base for cocktails that you can copy or invent yourself. Don’t forget to check out some weird looking liqueurs that come in colors that could never have been created by nature and allow you to amaze your friends and family with cocktails in colors they may never have seen before.

Shops that focus on liquors

Some of the specialty liquor stores don’t carry a huge stock of different drinks but rather specialize in really cool liquors. The staff will normally be well informed about what they stock and be prepared to assist you and explain what liquors should interest you. As many of these liquors may be unfamiliar the staff will guide you through their liquors from affordable rye whiskeys such as Rittenhouse Rye to rare and old cognacs and Scotch whisky that they have in stock. Another neat service that the best stores offer is a free delivery service if you live in the neighborhood where the store is located.

Gin one of the core liquors for great cocktails

Most of you who know your cocktails will agree that gin is one of the most commonly used and popular base liquors for great cocktails. Dig a little deeper and you will find a whole range of gins that are available with different tastes than the big brand labels that are available across most parts of the world.

Go to your local specialty liquor store and check out what they can offer in this department. Look out for little known brands such as Old Tom gins and see if you can get your hands on a Genever or other cocktail friendly base liquors including Cynar and two firm favorites from Italy Fernet Branca and Averna Amaro. Now make sure you stock up with Carpano antica and a good selection of rums, tequilas and mysterious mezcals to complete your cocktail cabinet collection and now you are ready to mix your cocktails!

Searching For The Secrets Behind Craft Beer?

First of all, it is important to raise a glass of beer to the Canadians. Since 1600s, there have been records of Canadians brewing and enjoying their own beer but always being curious and interested in trying other beers from other countries. It could be said that the Canadian beer industry is an intoxicating one for many good reasons. The brewers have been subject to or causing many mergers and acquisitions among the big breweries. Battles have broken out on the advertising hoardings, what messages are acceptable and which go beyond the accepted rules and even brisk debate has taken place about the very shape of beer bottles.

Underneath all of the front line battles of the big breweries the growth and rise of the microbreweries has continued steadily and quietly. This growth is often explained by their concentration on craft beer that is considered to be the connoisseur’s choice of the best beer, thanks to its careful professional production and amazing taste.

Beating back boring beer

Only in recent times have the Canadian beer drink public finally had access to a new choice of beers that don’t come from the commercial lagers and pilsners brewed in large factories. Some say that these are anonymous and lack any real flavor. Today there is a revolution in the brewery sector as there are microbreweries literally springing up left right and center, they are independent, fiercely proud of their craft beer products and are effectively changing the Canadian beer landscape across the whole country.

A throwback to the future

Brewers of craft beers have reverted back to traditional methods to brew their beer and only accept traditional means of preparing the beer for its customers that require craft and skill rather than using mass production chemical methods. What does this mean in real terms?

Well, craft beer is brewed slowly and uses natural ingredients, combine this with traditional means of production that require time, patience and great attention to detail. Natural ingredients are the key choice of craft beer manufacturers that include barley, malt, carefully selected hops and yeast and the best mineral water. Unlike mass produced beers that use chemical ingredients and fast production methods to rush beer to market the artisans who craft their special beers reject these easy methods of production.

The main reason that they explain as you taste their beer is that each great craft beer has its own distinctive signature taste that the mass produced chemical beers stand no chance of matching and seem bland and boring by comparison.

Creating a craft beer is as specialized as creating a great wine

In the craft beer brewery you will find owners and staff who are passionate about the beer that they brew. If you have the chance to make a visit ask if you can meet the owner or their representative who can explain to you the advantages of their hop selection methods and allow you to sample the final product.

The craft beer microbreweries are not novices when it comes to marketing either, many of the names of their beers may leave you scratching your head or looking on with amazement “Old Peculiar” from England, The “Black Widow” from South Africa and “the Spitfire” also from South Africa have names that conjure up all kinds of imaginative images and help you prepare for what you are about to taste.

The microbrewery owner and his team will explain to you how much research and testing they have done to find just the right hops to produce their particular craft beer. Fruit and flavor, tastes like coffee or even chocolate are often used to describe the flavor, these hops give to the finished craft beer.

The one consistent theme that runs through all the descriptions is the care and attention to detail the hop buyers use to get just the right hop product from around the world. The brewers go further and describe the hops that are used add the soul into the beer that they create. They will explain to you that hops are cone shaped flowers that come from the humulus lupulus plant that grow on vines. These plants were grown for the production of beer from ancient Egyptian times and carefully selection of the hops will define the bitterness or fruity taste of craft beers today.

Where do craft beer brewers find their hops?

The answer is literally all over the world. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to reach out to hop manufacturers across the globe to find just the right hops to produce a signature craft beer. For example brewers in South Africa are regular customers of the hop farmers in the Yakima Valley that is in Washington State in the United States. When producing IPA (India Pale Ale), the brewers want citrus, spicy and flowery flavors that come from 3 different American hops – the Cascade, the Amarillo and the Citra. Today, it is certain that microbreweries are building a global business!